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Colour My World Summer Workshops

Art + Music + Drama + More


Colour My World has launched their Summer 2018 workshops – bring it on!  Every year, they cater towards a diverse range of talents in their Visual Art and Performing Art Departments.  Guided by practicing artist-educators, join them this summer to learn, understand, and create in various disciplines such as Painting, Illustration, Sculpting, Photography, Animation, Acting, and Singing, to name but a few!

  • Music-Summer-Workshops-Hong-Kong

    Colour My World’s unique ActOUT! brings the best of two creative worlds: Art and Drama! In Drama, the kids will express themselves, finding stage confidence and building their way towards their final performance. In Visual Art, they’ll be drawing, painting, sculpting, cutting, sticking, pasting (and more!), flexing your creative muscles as you craft a unique piece of art to take home at the end of the week. The camps will be divided into two age groups:  4-6 and 7-12 years.


    Fees (5-Morning Camp): HK$3,300-HK$3,600

    Times:  9:15am-12pm for younger group / 9:15am-12:15pm for older group daily


  • Writers-Summer-Workshops-Hong-Kong

    Their creative writing and speech programmes are specially designed to cover critical skills, techniques and strategies for both written and spoken language in key areas of communication - boosting confidence and building independence! Covering a range of interesting and exciting subject areas from poetry and writing for magazines to presenting and public speaking. All taught in a fun supportive way,  and in a relaxed environment!


    Fees (4-Morning Camp):  HK$2,650-HK$4,200

    Times:  Starts from 9:15am


  • Drama-Festival-Hong-Kong

    These new Drama Festivals focus on advanced performance values and theatre skills designed for those who would enjoy working together like a mini theatre company. With a thematic focus on script-writing, directing and stage- performance, participants will have complete control over their final production, learning the essentials of professional theatre from the inside out!


    Fees (2-4 Full-Day Camp): HK$3,300-HK$5,600

    Times:  9am-3pm daily


  • Arts-Festival-Hong-Kong

    Colour My World is premiering their new Arts Festivals this summer. Each week, they will explore two thematic projects side by side with two specialist facilitators. Progress made in one project will directly complement the other, giving valuable insight into the application of newly learned skills and creative direction, and leading to the production of two complementary artworks. A creative week like no other!


    Fees (4-Morning Camp): HK$4,200-HK$4,400

    Times:  9:15am-12:15pm daily


  • Specialized-Summer-Workshops-Colour-My-World-Hong-Kong

    Spend a fun and relaxing afternoon making enjoyable and creative tidbits - fun sculpture, mixed-media painting and crafts - whilst learning the basics in a variety of materials! Inspired by bright colors, interesting shapes, and animals, create adorable, quirky and one of a kind art-pieces that teach solid fundamental skills – all while being a bundle of fun!


    Fees (4 Afternoons): HK$1,850-HK$2,050

    Times:  1:30pm-2:45pm or 3:30pm-4:45pm daily


  • Specialized-Art-Workshop-Summer-Hong-Kong

    Pick any of their afternoon workshops if you simply want to spend some time focusing on getting better in your craftsmanship. Whether it’s painting, drawing and illustrating, sculpting, textiles or decorative arts, they do it all! From intricate line-art to marvelous miniatures and even sumptuous landscapes inspired by painting masters, they’ll stretch your imagination to the limits with a range of projects designed to challenge and inspire developing young artists.


    Fees (4-Afternoons): HK$2,350-HK$2,650

    Times: 1:30pm-3pm or 3:30pm-5pm daily


  • Art-In-Practice-Hong-Kong

    For art enthusiasts who are considering Art for GCSE, A-Levels, IGCSE or IB; or who simply enjoy being stretched artistically, Art in Practice is perfect!  Each week focuses on a specialist artist/ art-form to bring you in-depth knowledge and understanding of the techniques and styles used as they guide you through various artistic decisions and pathways to create portfolio-worthy pieces to take home.


    Fees (4-Afternoons Camp): HK$5,400-HK$6,000

    Times:  1:30pm-4:30pm daily


  • Music-Workshops-Hong-Kong

    In these guided technical workshops in musical composition and performance, participants will learn about the art of lyric-setting, rhythm, pitch, tone and even sound engineering and recording. An amazing opportunity for young musicians, performers, and engineers to get up close and personal with current music industry technology and learn how it all works, all under the guidance of professional sound master and engineer, Roy Cheung.


    Fees (Per Workshop): HK$1,000-HK$3,000

    Times:  Workshops run from 2.5 to 6 hours.


  • Colour My World Visual & Performing Arts Studio

    Room 108, Marina Tower, 8 Shum Wan Road, Hong Kong

    +852 2580 5028




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