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Fruit Origami Bluetooth Speaker Online Workshop

K11 Online Workshops

K11 Online Workshops

Kids and adults can join in on K11’s Art Lab fun online. This summer, they will be offering a one-off unique DIY crafts event that will have you build your very own fruit origami Bluetooth speaker!

The speaker origami shape is easy to fold making it perfect for children to try and for adult beginners to have fun trying their hand at as well.

This mini Bluetooth speaker that’s shaped into a fun fruit through origami will allow you to have a one of a kind speaker to blast your fun bops from, all summer long! The colors on the speaker are bold and funky making it pair nicely with any rhythm you choose to play. The design of the speaker will also be simple and compact allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty of fruits!

Tickets to this event are priced at HK$280. This workshop is suitable for anyone aged 6 and up.

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