Astronomy buffs big and small, we have a timeless treat for your camping season in Hong Kong. Astropark is a stargazing heaven equipped with both Chinese and Western astronomical instruments that will let you dive into not only the wonders of space. But also into the remarkable history of astronomy from ancient times to the contemporary days. On top of that, you can camp in the park to take the ultimate advantage of their fantastic facilities and the skies above.

Open 24 hours daily with free admission and no prior reservation required. Astropark is located within Chong Hing Water Sports Centre, West Sea Cofferdam, High Island Reservoir with an area of about 1,200 square meters. It comprises an Educational Zone for day-time users, a Naked-eye Observation Area for casual users and a Telescopic Observation Area for amateur astronomers. The Hong Kong Space Museum is set to organize guided tours and stargazing programs.

All this makes Astropark the perfect place for you and your kids to have a mind-broadening educational adventure and get closer to your family, peers, and the universe!