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If you and the kiddies have been living in Hong Kong for a while now, for sure you’d realize the importance of keeping the air inside your home clean! The least you want after a day out or at the office surrounded by the city’s fumes is to get home only to continue to breathe polluted air. Regardless of your efforts to keep your nest neat, airborne particles coming from the outside world -from doors, ventilation systems, and even window frames- get stuck indoors, and can be very hard to clear out.

This is why an air purifier can become your best ally to eliminate allergens, smog, odors, unwanted dust, and even viruses! As keeping a flow of clean, pure air at home will drastically improve the quality of life of the whole family, the Little Steps Team has put together a roundup of the top air purifiers in Hong Kong!

  • What Are The Different Types Of Air Purifiers?

    There are, basically, 4 different types of air purifiers on the market, all featuring different ways of clearing the air inside your home. The most widely recommended by the experts are the filter-based purifiers, especially the ones with HEPA filters. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. The great thing about these filters? They are capable of removing over 99% of particles that are hard to catch for other systems because they are just so teeny-tiny!

    Activated Carbon purifiers have been around for a while now. Their main perk is they act as a sponge, absorbing most of the gaseous chemicals and odors.

    Purifiers with Ultra-Violet Technology are great for eliminating viruses and bacteria, hence they're used for medical-grade installations. However, HEPA filters often complement this system as UV Technology doesn't effectively get rid of airborne particles.

    Finally, the Negative Ion technology's -aka Ionizer Purifiers- main function is to use ions that affix themselves to the particles in the air until these are so 'heavy' that end up falling to the ground or hitting solid surfaces.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Air Purifiers?

    Just like the food you eat has a direct impact on your health, the air you breathe can either keep you away from many dangers or put you at risk.  Asthma, allergies, inhaling an excess of carbon dioxide, or even feeling higher levels of stress and anxiety are some of the perils of toxic air. This applies not only to outdoor pollution but -surprisingly- mostly to indoor pollution!
    Investing in a high-quality air purifier will help you get rid of the triggers of asthma attacks such as dirt, cells, cleaning products, perfumes, mold spores, and even dust from decomposed cockroaches -yikes! It will also help prevent allergies and remove the exterior pollutants present in urban areas. An air purifier can even help your household's general mood! Your body and brain can function best when receiving 'clean fuel' instead of toxic air.

  • How To Choose?

    Do you have a newborn or a kiddie with asthma? Do you have a furry friend? Is anyone around the house suffering from allergies? Are you living in an urban area? Answering this will help you figure if you just need to improve the air around the house or a more powerful system that can get rid of viruses and gaseous chemicals.

    HEPA filters are the most popular as they are perfect for catching particles and preventing the spread of diseases, even if they are not that effective for certain gases.
    It's also important to be aware of the amount of air that goes through the purifier per minute -or hour. This will help you know how many times the air inside your house is cleared -this is called Air Changes per Hour, ACH. On average, most households would need 2 ACH, whereas if you have anyone in your family suffering from a respiratory issue, you'd aim for 3 or 4 ACH. Finally, when choosing or consulting with an expert, have the measurements of your house handy as this may also affect the type or size of equipment you'll need!

  • Béaba Air Purifier: Perfect For The Baby's Room

    For 25 years, Béaba has been a leading brand of products for babies blending functionality and technology with top design. The brand is now launching an air purifier displaying a triple filtration system that operates at an angle of 360º for full absorption of 99.97% of particles. This purifier uses a pre-filter for bigger specks plus HEPA and Active Carbon filters. Finally, it also has an ionizer function to ensure every single bit of dust is safely off your baby! Optimal for rooms of up to 18 square meters. It's also very easy to use and clean -and has a silent night mode to ensure a stellar slumber-time for your baby!

    Béaba, Multiple locations in Hong Kong, +852 3690 2590, Contact

  • IQ Air: Nr. 1 HyperHEPA Filtration For People With Asthma And Allergies

    Are you in need of the best air purifier on the market? Then the IQAir HealthPro Series would be your ideal choice! The brand's award-winning products are the only ones with medical-grade HyperHEPA filters. This means the equipment's capacity of filtration surpasses the one of a traditional HEPA filter by a 100 times -because it can catch even the tiniest viruses! The HealthPro Plus has won, for 5 years in a row, the Consumers Digest Magazine Best Buy Award as it targets and protects those who bear severe asthma and allergies. By contacting their exclusive dealer in Hong Kong and Macau, you can require a free Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test, and a demonstration of how the products work -led by an expert consultant.

    IQ Air, Distributed by Fabri-Technic Engineering & Trading Co., 17/F., Wing Wah Ind. Building, 677 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong, +852 2815 8388,

  • Alen Air Purifiers: SmarSensor Technology That Maximizes Performance

    Featuring SmartSensor Technology and silent performance, the Alen Air Purifiers are amongst the leading air cleaners on the market! The brand is regarded as a great choice for families looking for an efficient air cleaner capable of covering the whole house at once -the BreatheSmart F700 has a range of 110 square meters! Alen's SmartSensor Technology allows the equipment to regulate the levels of airflow and renew the air twice per hour.  HEPA Silver Carbon Filters let the purifier provide different layers of absorption, and their many models, designed for different types of indoor spaces, come with a lifetime guarantee!

    Renaud Air Limited, 6/F., Port 33, 33 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 5804 4760, Email

  • Dyson: Personal Air Purifiers With Hot And Cool Air Projection

    Are you looking for a personal purifier fan to take you through the day? Something that's both effective, beautifully designed, and ideal for the office or the living room? Then you must check out Dyson's air purifying fans! Dyson's air cleaners not only absorb the polluted air contained in indoor spaces but also project either cool or warm air to keep you always cozy and comfortable! Check out their wide range of options here and get rid of ultrafine particles of even 0.1 microns! Little Steps top pick is the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic, which destroys harming chemicals and captures bacteria, viruses, and any hazardous particles in the air!

    Dyson, Multiple locations in Hong Kong, +852 2926 2300,

  • BlueAir: Environmentally Friendly Purifiers For Home And Work Spaces

    The team at BlueAir has been producing some of the most reputable air purifiers in the industry for 20 years! So it's not a surprise that they have 3 different families of air cleaners: Classic, Sense, and Pro. All 3 display top HEPASilent technology, and cater to spaces ranging from 18 to up to 110 square meters. Their patented filters are made from the most environmentally friendly polymers and their units use steel instead of plastic. What's more, BlueAir's energy efficiency is also at the top of the game! Running their air cleaners cost, on average, the same as having a light bulb on. Check out their products here and take home an award-winning air purifier!

    BlueAir, Distributed by Fortress, Multiple locations in Hong Kong, +852 2555 5788,

  • Hoover AP07: 360º Triple Filtration For Big Rooms

    Cleaning 8.000 liters of air per minute, the Hoover Ap07 caters to indoor spaces of up to 57 square meters. This powerful air cleaner comes with a real-time checker showing the air quality in the room, and a 3-in-1 filtering system capable of trapping dust, pollen, bacteria, and allergens! An added benefit of the AP07 is that it also includes an ionizer in charge of releasing negative ions. Overall, this air purifier combines the perks of different types of air cleaners in one go! Its rounded shape guarantees an ongoing 360º filtration!

    Hoover Asia, Distributed by Greenbox, 5 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong, +852 6683-3230,

  • Austin Air: Medical Grade Purifiers For Every Need

    For the last 30 years, the Austin Air Systems have helped families improve their health by easing the symptoms of severe asthma, allergies, and several pulmonary diseases. With nearly 10 different models to choose from, each of them focuses on a specific concern -or room size! The HealthMate Plus centers on absorbing gases and chemicals and it's recommended for families living near highways. On the other hand, the Pet Machine will remove the odors from your furry friends, dander, and ammonia. If you are after an all-rounder, the classic HealthMate will protect the whole gang from every day airborne particles! Check out all the available models here!

    Austin Air, Distributed by Greenbox, 5 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong, +852 6683-3230,

  • LightAir: Filter-Free Ion Flow Technology For Top Efficiency

    By now you know that some air purifiers work with Negative Ion technology. These systems release negative ions into the air, charging the airborne particles and making them heavy, so they end up hitting a solid surface. Well, the folks at LightAir decided to take this concept to the next level! By adding a positively charged 'magnet' to the air cleaner, particles as little as PM0.007 are attracted to a removable -and washable- collector. This provides top-notch air cleaning without using filters! Boasting award-winning Scandinavian design, this patented technology is also silent and environmentally friendly! Check out LightAir designs available in Hong Kong!

    LightAir, Distributed by Fortress, Multiple locations in Hong Kong, +852 2555 5788,

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