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Top For Preparing For Baby Number Two In Hong Kong

What To Expect + Tips For New Parents In Hong Kong

Are you pregnant with your second child in Hong Kong? If you thought the first child was a life changer, get ready for more changes ahead. With one child, many families preserve a lot of their pre-baby lifestyle. With baby number two, parenting becomes more interesting (pros and challenges too). Read on for three tips to help transition from a family of one to a family of two in Hong Kong.

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  • TIP 1

    While many women think ‘been there, done that’ what they don’t count on is the emotional attachment (read: meltdown!) that your first child has once the newest little bundle arrives. This is likely the most important advice when it comes to having a second baby in the house and one that is often overlooked.


    Solution: Make time for baby #1 and make sure that it’s at the same time every day. Even just 10 minutes per day spent the two of you will ensure that your first-born feels extra special. You don’t need to leave the house or do anything extraordinary. They just want mommy all to themselves and will know to expect it if you make it a part of your routine each day. No need for elaborate planning; let them decide what the two of you should do. Just don’t multitask while you’re doing it.


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    Tip 2

    If you had morning sickness the first time around, chances are you’ll have it again and likely even sooner the second time.  Remember how you popped at 3 months with baby #1? Don’t be alarmed if you’re ‘out there’ at just 7 weeks with baby #2. This doesn’t mean you’re destined to gain more weight. Rather, the body has an uncanny (and beautiful!) way of remembering just what to do.


    Solution: Get those tricks out that helped you with baby #1. If you were one of the unlucky few with morning sickness and ginger pops made you feel better, stock up as soon as the stick turns blue. You’ll regret going to the store feeling lousy. Go through all your pregnancy clothes from last time and decide what you’re willing to wear again. If there are items that need replacing, do it early so it’s one less task looming for later (see #3 for stores around Hong Kong).


  • Art Classes For Kids

    Tip 3

    While hand-me-downs are a terrific use for baby #2, you may want to consider buying new for things like bottles, dummies, and sippy cups. As for the old bibs that look worse for the wear, so long as they’re clean, they work just fine.


    Solution: Rebuy anything that touches the baby’s mouth, especially if it’s made with plastic. This includes nipples, dummies/pacifiers, and sippy cups. This does not include your breast pump which is a valuable, long-term investment.



    Check out our The Best Baby Stores In HK for more inspiration!

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