Stretchy, sticky, slimy, or sparkly – However you like it, slime is the craze that’s here to stay! Kids could spend hours and hours making and playing with this stretchy goop, while glue bottles and kitchen containers almost magically vanish from the house. Instead of losing more containers and cleaning up the countless slime messes, take your slime artists to the ultimate slime store – Slime It! – where the mess and all the fun that comes with it is 100% embraced!

Slime It! is the ultimate interactive, one-stop destination for a truly one-of-a-kind slime making experience in Hong Kong. Once you enter this brightly colored wonderland, you’ll get an instant feeling of being in the world’s best ice-cream shop, except all the goodies are slime-related. And instead of ice-cream dispensers, their signature Wall of Charms allows excited kids to pick and choose from a wide variety of ‘toppings’ for their final slime masterpiece. Think mini candy swirls, tiny fruit, decorative ornaments, and even classic Coca-Cola bottles!

At Slime It! kids make all the big decisions – such as whether they’ll be creating a jelly-like or marshmallow-like slime, deciding to glitter or not to glitter, picking and choosing from assorted colorants and scents, as well as selecting charms to add from a vast variety of options.

Those with a little bit of slime knowledge can opt for the DIY Slime experience, whereas younger ones may prefer the Slime Fun experience, which comes with a pre-made slime that they can embellish. Friendly, experts-in-slime staff are available to assist.

An experience at Slime It! will have everyone wanting more. But not to worry because they also sell a wide range of slime-making ingredients, utensils, packaging, as well as take-away charms so that you can bring the experience home.