Best Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong *UPDATED

Where To Find Voice Training + Vocal Lessons + Singing Coaches In Hong Kong?

Do you have an aspiring singer in the family? If they love pop, rock, classical, or even choral, there are many singing schools and lessons in Hong Kong that will satisfy their inner diva. Little Steps has the go-to guide for the best singing classes in Hong Kong. Here, you will find options for vocal training, private singing instructors and vocal coaches, and singing lessons for kids on up.



  • VOIZE ACADEMY OF CONTEMPORARY SINGING: Private Lesson, Training Programs And More

    Where To Find Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong?

    VOIZE Centre of Contemporary Singing specializes in voice development and vocal performances. They use the Mix Voice Technique (MVT), a scientific-based and student-centered teaching method to help their students achieve great results. VOIZE provides a straightforward yet supportive coaching environment for passionate singers and speakers to focus on developing their voice and artistry. They offer a range of private singing lessons, professional singing courses, and singing teacher training programs to meet your specific needs.

    VOIZE Academy Of Contemporary Singing, www.singing-lessons-hongkong.com

  • M.INT ACADEMY: Singing Lessons For Kids As Young As 3

    Where To Find Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong?

    M.int Academy, short for Music International Academy, was built by musicians for musicians. They offer a wide range of lessons as well as singing lessons for children as young as 3 years old. Children will learn the basics of using the voice as an instrument, where they'll explore wide-ranging singing styles, including musical theatre, classical, opera, jazz, and pop. They also offer singing lessons for adults and classes in piano and violin.

    M.int Academy, 19/F, Casey Aberdeen House,
    38 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang
    Hong Kong, +852 3596 7094, info@mintacademyhk.com, https://www.mintacademyhk.com/

  • STARLIT VOICE: Singing Class For Kids Aged 6-12

    Where To Find Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong ?

    Starlit Voice aims to provide structured learning to unlock imagination in a highly creative and fun environment. They have program called Singing for ages 6-12 and it is divided in level 1 and 2. The first is beginner class where children will learn the fundamentals of singing and the latter is more advanced and also includes musical theater.

    They are the only accredited exam center in Hong Kong for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) syllabus.

    Starlit Voice, Unit 1005, 10/F Universal Trade Centre, No3 Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong,+852 2108 2182, www.starlitvoice.com

  • COLOUR MY WORLD: Music & Lyrics And Musical Theatre Production

    Where To Find Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong?

    Come and learn the joy of stage singing to different genres of music in diverse settings: dynamics & tempo and reading sheet music. Sing to background music to record your performance! The Music & Lyrics course is designed for ages 7+. Colour My World also offers Musical Theatre Production for ages 7-14 years old. Students will be able to experience elements of a full-length musical with scenes and songs from the hit musical Dear Edwina.

    Colour My World, Room 108-110, Floor 1, Marina Tower, 8 Shum Wan Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, +852 2580 5028, info@colour-my-world.comwww.colour-my-world.com

  • PARSONS MUSIC ACADEMY: Vocal Course And Pop Music Course

    Where To Find Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong?

    Parsons Music Academy offers music, art, and language courses. They also organize concerts, master classes as well as parents’ discussions with the aim of promoting music culture and nurturing music talents. For children who are looking for singing lessons, they can sign up for the Vocal Course or the Pop Music Course for children 5 years old and above.

    Parsons Music Academy, various locations across Hong Kong, (852) 2333 1863, enquiry@parsonsmc.com.hk http://www.parsonsmc.com.hk/

  • AMERICAN VOCAL STUDIO: Lessons In Pop, Musical Theater, Classic, Jazz, Rock And More

    Where To Find Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong?

    The American Vocal Studio is Hong Kong's elite vocal studio. Kids wanting to study pop, musical theater, classical, jazz or rock, they have a teacher for you. Whether you are a beginner, professional, or somewhere in between, their teachers will guide you down the right path to healthy, natural singing that will last a lifetime. They have singing lessons for kids of all ages, including youngsters.

    American Vocal Studio, Studio 5A, Hang Lung House, 184-192 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong, +852 6335 5590, contact@americanvocalstudio.comwww.americanvocalstudio.com/

  • FACE PRODUCTIONS: Musical Theater And Voice

    Where To Find Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong?

    Face Academy programs offer intensive, audition-only training and performance opportunities to skilled performers aged 10 to 25. Regarding singing, they offer classes in Musical Theatre (10 - 16). The program combines three core disciplines of acting, singing, and dance to nurture the all-rounded performer.

    There is also the course Voice for ages 10+, where they will use contemporary material from various musical genres to learn how to bring expression and intensity to the voice.

    Face Productions, Various Locations In Hong Kong, faceproductions.com.hk

  • CHRISTINE SAMSON: Private And Group Classes

    Where To Find Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong?

    Christine’s students include some of Asia’s most successful performing artists, including singers, dancers, and actors. She specializes in providing expert training in singing, music, and performance in Hong Kong. They offer a range of vocal and music training experiences, both privately and in group settings. Whether you are singing professionally or singing purely for pleasure, CSMA Studio has a program that’s right for you.

    Christine Samson, 2B, Timmar Court, 10-12 Wing Hing Street, North Point, Hong Kong, +852 2762 0112, csmastudio.com


    Where To Find Singing Lessons, Classes, And Vocal Coaches In Hong Kong?

    More studios and academies that offer singing lessons across Hong Kong:

    Want a private vocal coach in Hong Kong? Check out these rockstars!

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