Singing And Vocal Coaching For Kids At Seany Mac Studios In Hong Kong

SeanyMac Studios Six-Step Method

Singing and Vocal coaching at Seany Mac Studio Hong Kong

SeanyMac Studio’s 6-step approach to healthier and more powerful singing condenses old, new, and complex methods, allowing the student to understand the path of excellent vocals without feeling overwhelmed quickly. Beginners and first-time singers will realize immediate improvement, while professional vocalists will benefit from greater strength, ease of sound, and longevity for performance. The approach helps students feel inspired, motivated and willing to come back for more.

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There are two types of classes, both in-person and online: 30-min classes (ages 6-9) and one-hour classes (ages 10+).

Star teachers at the studio are: Axity Chong, a live singer with experience teaching children, Angela Geung, a long-time teacher of children, and Bryan, a live performer, who received a degree in vocal performance from the University of Michigan, with emphasis on classical musical theatre and pop.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

It is the first step to becoming amazing vocalists and aspiring singers!

Who It's Perfect For:

Children aged 6-18, who are looking to achieve great results through their singing voice.

What Else:​

The studio offers private, online, performance and vocal training.

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

You can find Seany Mac Studios on Instagram!



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