At Green Circle Eco-Farm, Evelyn Eng and Lim Tian Soo have been growing foods that are chemical-free and which adhere to strict organic farming principles since 1999. The farm, located in the north-west corner of Singapore, puts special emphasis on environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture, and practices permaculture which is designed to be self-sufficient. This includes using natural barricades to prevent wild boars digging up produce, and using roofs and gutter systems to capture rainwater for watering plants. All materials used for plant support are reused woods or made from materials available within the farm, while delivery boxes are collected by volunteers and reused along with minimal packaging. Produce is grown for domestic consumption only – vegetables are sold online and delivered direct – so there is no need for long-term storage or long-distance shipping, and this helps to reduce carbon footprints and to provide the freshest farm produce.

The farm also offers tours which include an informative talk and a walk around the farm as well as hands-on activities, enlightening participants about organic farming and educating them on healthy eating and environmental conservation.