Top Places To Buy Chinese New Year Decorations, Flowers, Plants In Kuala Lumpur

CNY Flowers + Plants + Artificial Flowers

Guide To CNY Decoration In Kuala Lumpur

With CNY just around the corner, Chinese families are busy sprucing up their households with lots of spring cleaning and decorating, which usually means flashes of red everywhere from pillows to decorative lanterns, as well as fresh flowers and plants. Auspicious plants and flowers are used to add color to one’s homes and also to usher in lots of good luck, prosperity, and positive energy. If you’re wondering what to get for your home, here’s a list of the top decorations to get you started!

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  • Pussy Willows


    Symbolizing the start of spring, pussy willows also known as catkins are usually sold in bundles. They are furry and white, but often dyed to take on a variety of hues. This plant is considered auspicious especially if they are sprouting new leaves and shoots. Just ensure to give them a change of water twice a week if they are sitting in a vase so that they’ll last longer and also to avoid mosquitoes from breeding.

    Where To Find Them:


    Leong Nursery

    54 Weng Thye Brothers Ceramics Trading

    Lee Flower

    The Florist Market

  • Kalanchoes Flowers


    A popular choice during Chinese New Year is the kalanchoe, a succulent flowering plant favored for its small colorful flowers that comes in various shades of red, yellow and purple. Native to Madagascar and Africa, these plants are easy to grow, and thought to bring wealth and prosperity.

    Where To Find Them:

    Home Retreat Garden Nursery

    Palace Rose Nursery

    Paling Horticulture

    Weng Hoa



    Crassula ovata, or more commonly known as the Jade Plant or Money Plant is a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers. This South African native is regarded as a symbol of prosperity, wealth and fortune due to the shape of its emerald green leaves, which resembles the shape of a jade stone.

    Where To Find Them:

    GreenPastures Plants

    Pudu Ria Florist Trading


    Succulent Shop

  • Chrysanthemums


    Pots of yellow chrysanthemum can often be seen during CNY due to the bright golden petals which are thought to represent longevity, prosperity and wealth.

    Where To Find Them:

    Delima Tani

    Palace Rose Nursery

    Paling Horticulture

    Weng Fong

    Weng Hoa


  • Peonies


    These beautiful blooms which symbolize feminine beauty, love and affection are a common favorite during Chinese New Year. Available in white, pink and red, they are seasonal so your best bet is to find the artificial option here to brighten up your home.

    Where To Find Them:

    Nan Thong Import & Export

    Nu Lycie

    WH Floral

    Bloom This

  • Cherry Blossoms


    Real cherry blossom, which symbolizes a fresh start for the New Year, are almost impossible to come by in Malaysia. But what you will find are some pretty impressive silk versions. You can put these into pretty vases and use them as money trees to hang ang pow from.

    Where To Find Them:

    Fa Soon Enterprise


    Sun Energy Floral Trading

  • Lucky Bamboo


    As well as being a symbol of health, happiness, love and abundance, lucky bamboo is said to promote good feng shui. These are popular gifts year round, but particularly so during CNY due to the several positive things it represents.

    Where To Find Them:

    Fui Sun Garden

    Pudu Ria Florist Trading

    54 Weng Thye Brothers Ceramics Trading



    You’ll find that the locally grown versions, called ‘Four Season Lime Trees’ last longer than the imported ones as they are cultivated to flower, and for the fruit to ripen, just in time for CNY. Like Christmas trees during Christmas, lime trees or kumquats are the number one choice for most Chinese families during CNY in Malaysia.

    Where To Find Them:

    Katsura Garden Center

    Pudu Ria Florist Trading

    Rent A Pot Landscape


  • Orchids


    These beautiful native flowers signify fertility and abundance. Orchids are delicate, elegant and come in a variety of colors. They also represent refinement, luxury, and innocence. Make them the centerpiece of your living room or send them as a gift to loved ones this CNY.

    Where To Find Them:

    Home Retreat Garden Nursery

    Lee Nursery & Bonsai Center

    Orchid Culture

    Luxe Florist

    Weng Hoa



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