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Access Therapists And Specialist Teachers At SPOT In Hong Kong

Find Specialist Support For Your Child

Spot Therapy Centre Hong Kong

Offering everything from paediatric occupational therapy to clinical psychology sessions, SPOT is Hong Kong’s leading children therapy centre, with a multidisciplinary team of paediatric therapists and specialist teachers to meet your child’s every need.

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This holistic care during the early years promotes child development, child learning and child mental health.

Taking a family-centred approach, SPOT works closely with the child’s school where needed to ensure they are receiving adequate support.

  • Teacher Child Assessment SPOT Hong Kong

    A Wide Range Of Therapies

    Meeting Complex Needs

    SPOT offers paediatric occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, counselling, clinical psychology services and specialist teaching for children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and dyscalculia.

    It also offers specialist clinics:

    • Feeding clinic for children experiencing difficulties with eating such as picky eaters, difficulty with different textures and overactive gag reflex.
    • Babies clinic for babies with complex birth history, prematurity, high risk of cerebral palsy, other genetic conditions or complex medical conditions to promote early development.
    • Teen clinic run by the psychology team aimed to empower young adults and appreciate their journey into autonomy and self-acceptance.SPOT's therapists work together as a team to ensure all your child’s needs are met.
  • Superheroes At SPOT Hong Kong

    Identifying Superpowers

    Tailored Assessments

    At SPOT, tailored assessments identify your child's strengths – or "superpowers" as they put it – alongside areas of concern. SPOT has multiple assessments that can be tailored to your child's needs based on an initial parent consultation.

    The SPOT clinic is equipped with gold standard assessments from around the world and all reports are internationally recognised, which is useful if your child moves schools or countries.

  • Group Therapy At Spot Hong Kong

    Working As A Team

    Group Therapy

    In addition to individual therapy, SPOT offers group therapy sessions and holiday camps aimed at promoting child development and empowering children and teens in a fun, social setting.

    Groups include:

    • Preschool age: School Readiness, SPOT social groups, play pairings
    • Primary age: Dungeons and Dragons, Gifted boys, Gifted girls, Handwriting, Resilience, Munch Bunch (feeding)
    • Adolescent age: Mindfulness Art Jam, LGBTQIA+, DisAssociation

Where To Find It:​

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