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Best Kids Smart Watches In Singapore

The Coolest Wrist Techs For Keeping Your Kids Safe And Active

Best Smartwatches For Kids

Smartwatches don’t have to be just for adults; if you own a smartwatch yourself, you know its utility and convenience — likewise for children! Many smartwatches for children have educational games, GPS trackers, and SOS buttons. They’ll help you keep track of your little ones when they’re at school or with friends. Some will even allow for two-way calls, enabling you to stay in contact. Here are 10 of the best smartwatches available for kids in Singapore.

  • Vtech-Kidizoom-Smartwatch-Singapore


    VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is one of the highest-rated kids' smartwatches on Amazon. It's stylish, durable, easy to use, and loads of fun. Two cameras allow kids to capture photos, selfies, and action videos that can be customized with funny filters in the Silly Me app and made into watch faces. Also, choose from 55 digital and analog watch faces that help kids learn to tell time.

    How much: From SG$61.40

    Where to buy: Amazon SG

  • Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch


    Your toddler may not be old enough to get an Apple Watch just yet, but this age-appropriate smartwatch is an educational gift for kids disguised as a toy. Tobi Robot Smartwatch comes to life before your eyes with its moving robot arms and legs, fun sound effects, and 100+ expressions! This is a fun wearable tech accessory that kids can wear on their wrist using the adjustable watchband or attached to their clothes using the clip. The clip also converts to a display stand when using as an alarm clock or recharging.

    How much: From SG$61.40

    Where to buy: Amazon SG

  • MyFirst Fone R1


    One of the coolest on-the-move entertainment that the kids ever had. Discover the amazing all-in-one device, a combination of phone, music player, camera, clock, GPS tracker, and fitness tracker. The R1 watch phone for kids comes with an MP3 player and built-in loudspeaker that provides up to 10 hours of playback time which is great for music or listening to audiobooks. With flexible customization on class mode, R1 can be silenced at a specified day or time to minimize distractions.

    How much: SG$229

    Where to buy: myFirst

  • FitBit Ace 3


    This activity tracker for kids makes fitness fun for the whole family with motivating challenges and a long-lasting battery of up to 8 days! You or your children can set a range of activity goals that offer game-style rewards for reaching a certain number of steps or active minutes. Parents can also set reminders not just to move but also for completing homework and chores.

    How much: SG$118

    Where to buy: Fitbit

  • OJOY A1

    OJOY A1

    The Ojoy A1 is an accessible, kid-friendly smartwatch phone to let you stay in touch with your kids through calls and messaging, and have peace of mind knowing where they are. Only verified family members and friends can call and message your child. All calls from unknown phone numbers and all SMSes will be blocked. Powered by Kido OS, this is designed especially for kids and it is full of animations and a cute interface. Overall, very intuitive and entertaining to play with.

    How much: From SG$199

    Where to buy: Ojoy

  • TickTalk 4


    TickTalk 4 keeps parental anxiety at bay with GPS tracking, geofencing, and an SOS button. With no internet, games, or social media, the TickTalk 4 has all the positive aspects of a phone to keep your little one connected with the people who matter most. Encourage a healthier lifestyle by setting daily step goals both you and your child can track.

    How much: From SG$250

    Where to buy: TickTalk

  • Garmin Vivofit Jr 3


    The Garmin Vivo Jr 3 isn’t just a fitness tracker for kids. It’s a handy wearable that unlocks games and adventures when paired with a phone app. Your child’s app experience matches the style of band you choose. Get access to new adventures and more fun for your kids by purchasing additional bands and pairing them with the free parent-controlled mobile app. Inspire your kids to stay active every day with action-packed adventures. Every day that your kids meet their 60-minute activity goals, they advance in Infinity Saga: A Marvel Studios Adventure! Here, they’ll uncover Infinity Stone points, adventures throughout the Infinity Saga, and tap challenges featuring Iron Man, Black Panther, and other Marvel Super Heroes.

    How much: SG$129

    Where to buy: Garmin

  • ProGrace Kids Smartwatch


    The ProGrace Kid's Smartwatch gives your kiddo just enough screen time to get you through a grocery store run without submerging them into a YouTube video rabbit hole for hours. This smartwatch also has a 90° rotatable camera and a collection of four interactive games!

    How much: From SG$71

    Where to buy: Ubuy

  • OMG Kids Tracker Watch


    The OMG Kids Tracker Watch is designed to give parents or carers peace of mind about a child’s whereabouts. It’s not always easy to keep both eyes on active youngsters, and GPS tracking is the next-best way of keeping track of them and ensuring their safety. This watch offers a multitude of features, including one- and two-way calling and the ability to set up geofenced zones that alert you when your child has left a designated area.

    How much: SG$168

    Where to buy: OMG



    Xiaomi's Mitu brand is targeted at children and one of the most prominent products in the series is the children learning watch. The Mitu Children Learning Watch 4Pro features a dual camera, support for AI ​​learning machines, and XiaoaAI voice assistant. The dual cameras can capture your kid and show the surrounding environment for peace of mind. Kids can select a variety of high-quality learning apps that cover Chinese, English, math, social, fun, logical thinking, and other content.

    How much: From SG$310

    Where to buy: Router Switch

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