Best Learning Apps For Kids In Singapore

Make Education Fun For Tots And Kids!

Learning Apps For Kids In Singapore

Screen time for your kids is often frowned upon. But not anymore! You can now make the most out of your child’s screen time with these amazing gamified learning platforms. Combining fun games and learning content, these apps are designed to engage and stimulate the young minds while making learning enjoyable. There are various interactive puzzles, games and online content specially curated to teach various subjects like language, math, science, music, coding and many more! Check out some of our top picks here.

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  • homer-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    HOMER *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Personalized learning content

    With over 1000 activities and games, HOMER is an educational learning app covering various subjects including language, math, social and emotional learning, creativity and more. It encourages play-based learning where children can choose between stories, songs, puzzles and drawing, each conveniently categorized by age, interest and skill level. The app allows users to set up individual learning profiles and profile users will receive personalized prompts and learning content tailored to their progress.

    Recommended for age 2 to 8.

    Homer, www.learnwithhomer.com 

  • Sushi Monster-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    SUSHI MONSTER *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Makes learning math fun

    Designed by Scholastic, the world's largest publisher and distributor of educational materials, Sushi Monster is an amazing learning app intended to help kids learn math in a fun and engaging way. In each level, players must solve addition and multiplication equations to feed the sushi monster before the time runs out. Players can earn stars and points to move onto the next level each time they select the correct answers. It’s a great way to strengthen mental calculations, reverse thinking math and practice math in a fun way.

    Recommended for ages 6 to 10.

    Sushi Monster, www.apps.apple.com 

  • Brain Dots-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    BRAIN DOTS *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Puzzle game designed to exercise your brain 

    Brain dots is an addictive puzzle game where players have to draw various shapes and structures to get 2 dots to meet and touch. As easy as the rules sound, the levels become more challenging as you progress through the game. Tap onto your creative juices and challenge your logical thinking. The simple interface and game play makes it easy for both adults and even kids to play.

    Recommended for age 4 onwards.

    Brain Dots, www.braindotsapp.com 

  • Quick Maths Jr App

    HOOKED ON PHONICS *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Develops literacy skills in young children

    Focused on nurturing continuous learning in a fun environment, this award-winning app offers an easy to use interface where children can self-learn the English language. Each lesson is creatively curated into different styles that lasts no longer than 20 minutes. Children can learn through catchy songs, interactive puzzles and e-books that introduces new skills and helps to reinforce what they have learned.

    Recommended for ages 3 to 8.

    Hooked on Phonics, www.hookedonphonics.com 

  • ABC Mouse-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    ABC MOUSE *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Promotes independent learning 

    Featuring more than 10,000 learning activities, ABCmouse offers users a step-by-step learning curriculum designed by early learning education experts. Their program covers various subjects like math, reading, science and art, which are grouped into levels based on age appropriateness. The app also makes use of colorful animation and music to develop your child’s motor skills and color recognition. You can also monitor your child’s learning journey with their progress tracker.

    Recommended for ages 2 to 8.

    ABC Mouse, www.abcmouse.com 

  • Duolingo-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    DUOLINGO *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Simple to use language learning app

    Learn over 30+ languages with Duolingo, an online language-learning app. Their content features a variety of lessons including listening exercises, multiple choice questions and flashcards to introduce new words, grammar and vocabulary. These bite-sized lessons are about 5 minutes long, making it convenient for learners to digest at their time amidst their busy schedules. Users can also set goals on a weekly basis to track and progress through the lessons.

    Recommended for ages 4 onwards.

    Duolingo, www.duolingo.com 

  • DOODLE *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Boost confidence and ability in Math and English

    Filled with various interactive exercises, Doodle’s activities are designed to engage and sharpen your child’s skills in Math and English. Their in-app algorithm provides individualized learning, by targeting tricky topics based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The sessions are also kept short and designed to be used for just 10 minutes a day! Available online and offline on the web and mobile, your child can learn anytime, anywhere.

    Recommended for ages 4 to 14.

    Doodle, www.doodlelearning.com

  • Tiny Tap-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    TINY TAP *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Huge collection of educational games and content 

    Tiny Tap offers users access to a huge marketplace of educational games and content made by educators. With over 150,000 interactive activities for you to choose from, their collection is browsable by category, age group and subject area, so it is easy to navigate and find an activity of interest. The app also acts as a social platform which allows students to learn from one another and families and teachers to create personalized learning content for the kids.

    Recommended for ages 3 onwards.

    Tiny Tap, www.tinytap.com/content 

  • ALGORITHM CITY *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Features colorful characters 

    Algorithm City is a powerful coding tool designed to introduce basic programming skills and concepts to children in a fun way. The app has a simple interface, which is easy for young programmers to navigate through the levels. Featuring colorful characters, users can make use of basic commands and sequencing to guide characters to collect golds and solve the levels.

    Recommended for ages 5 and above.

    Algorithm City, www.play.google.com/Algorithm City 

  • Bloom 10 Worlds-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    BLOOM: 10 WORLDS *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Make music with your fingertips

    Create music just by tapping your fingers on the screen with Bloom. The app’s innovative controls allow users to create unique multicolored patterns and melodies with just your fingertips. Users can set different mood settings which also alters the color palette and music tones. There are endless possibilities and provides a great platform for kids to explore different sounds.

    Recommended for all ages.

    Bloom: 10 Worlds, www.apps.apple.com/bloom-10-worlds

  • Endless Alphabet -Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    ENDLESS ALPHABET *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Colorful interface designed to teach kids alphabets 

    Former winner of Apple’s App Store award, this interactive app features amazing visuals and content, focused on teaching kids to recognise letters and build their vocabulary. The app presents word puzzle games with friendly creatures and animations to act out the definition of each word, to help users retain the information. With no scoring system in place, the app offers users a relaxing yet informational way for kids to learn at their own pace.

    Recommended for ages 4 to 10.

    Endless Alphabet, www.originatorkids.com/endless-alphabet 

  • Lingokids-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    LINGOKIDS *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Interactive learning app

    Bringing together thousands of activities, Lingokids is an academic learning app tailored to help children develop their understanding of different subjects, all while having fun! The content features various subjects including math, science, arts and engineering. Adopting a playlearning method, there are various games, fun quizzes, interactive songs and digital books to engage the little ones. The app also has a tracker to access your child’s progress and provides an opportunity to celebrate small wins.

    Recommended for ages 2 to 6.

    Lingokids, www.lingokids.com 

  • Thinkrolls-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    THINKROLLS *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Unique gameplay to help develop creative thinking 

    This award winning puzzle game features a mix of physics concepts, quirky characters and unique gameplay to help young kids develop their problem solving skills. The game requires users to successfully navigate their avatar through a series of obstacles and mazes by using gravity to propel their characters forward. With more than 150 levels, full of mind boggling puzzles, it helps children to explore their logic, motor abilities, focus and concentration.

    Recommended for ages 3 to 9.

    Thinkrolls, www.avokiddo.com/thinkrolls-app 

  • Typing Club-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    TYPING CLUB *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Engaging typing exercises for beginners

    With the ever-evolving world, typing is now an essential technical skill for education and majority of careers. Typing Club provides just the right tools to improve your typing accuracy and speed. The app features a virtual keyboard that has hand guides in place to show the proper hand positions, including voice overs to read words aloud as you type them. There are also various in-app games for you to practice specific typing skills, as well as typing games tailored for pre school kids.

    Recommended for ages 3 and above.

    Typing Club, www.typingclub.com 

  • Brainpop-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    BRAINPOP *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Educational animated videos and materials 

    Adding to your daily dose of educational content, check out Brainpop’s collection of short animated movies. Their videos focus on current events and historical milestones as well as subjects like Science, Math, Health, Engineering and more. At the end of each video, there are multiple choice questions related to the video content and users can use it as an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge about the topic. The app also has a junior version with content tailored for younger children.

    Recommended for ages 8 and above.

    Brainpop, www.brainpop.com 

  • ScratchJr-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    SCRATCHJR. *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Free coding app catered for young kids

    Similar to their elder counterpart, ScratchJr is an educational programming tool designed to introduce coding and programming skills to users. This junior version is tailored for younger kids and they can take a step at programming their own stories and games. It is a great platform for the little ones to explore their creative side while developing problem solving skills too. Users can also find useful tips and tricks on their website to navigate through the app.

    Recommended for ages 5 to 7.

    ScratchJr., www.scratchjr.org 

  • Funbrain Jr-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    FUNBRAIN JR. *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Colorful characters and gameplay 

    Deeming themselves as a “Fun Place to Learn”, Funbrain Jr offers a series of interactive games designed to help kids develop their math, reading and literacy skills. The app features various games like the water slide, where users have to connect numbered dots in the right order to slide into the pool and rhyme time which teaches kids to detect matching sounds and words. Featuring bright-colored, fun loving characters and vibrant backdrops, the little ones will surely be entertained.

    Recommended for ages 2 to 6.

    Funbrain Jr., www.funbrainjr.com 

  • Barefoot World Atlas-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    BAREFOOT WORLD ATLAS *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Fun and interactive way to learn about our planet

    Based on their best selling book, the app features an interactive 3D globe which allows children to discover the world. From space shuttle launches in The States to snub nosed monkeys in the mountains of China, users can go on an adventure with just a touch of the screen. The simple to use interface paired with amazing photographs and informative audio, makes it easy and engaging for the little ones to navigate.

    Recommended for ages 9 to 11.

    Barefoot World Atlas, www.barefootbooks.com/digital-apps

  • Flashnote Derby-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    FLASHNOTE DERBY *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Easy to use music learning app 

    Planning to send your kids for music lessons? Flashnote Derby is a music learning platform that helps users practice their musical note reading by incorporating themed games into the lessons. Players can choose from the exciting horse race theme or space battle to test your skills under pressure or the calm theme for those who prefer some peace. After each session, the app also provides immediate feedback for any incorrect answers to reinforce knowledge.

    Recommended for ages 9 to 11.

    Flashnote Derby, www.flashnotederby.com 

  • Busy Shapes-Best-Learning-Apps-For-Kids

    BUSY SHAPES *Best Learning Apps For Kids

    Targeted to support early childhood development

    Specially designed for toddlers, Busy Shapes introduces an innovative way to sharpen your child’s cognitive skills. Featuring a digital playground with different colored shapes, players need to match the blocks or colors by swiping it to the corresponding shapes. The game reinforces learning by reading the colors or shapes out loud when they get the correct answer. Parents can also check their child’s progress and can even create multiple accounts to monitor each child’s results individually.

    Recommended for ages 2 and above.

    Busy Shapes, www.apps.apple.com/busy-shapes 

Additional Info:​

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The Human Body, www.tinybop.com/the-human-body

Pinkfong Shapes & Colours, www.pinkfong.com/singplaylearnathome

Starfall, www.starfall.com

Reading Eggs, www.readingeggs.com

Dr Panda Series, www.drpanda.com

Toca Train, www.tocaboca.com/app/toca-train

SG Primary, www.sgprimary.org

Monkey Math School Sunshine, www.monkeypreschool.com

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