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At XCL American Academy, hands-on, real-world learning is an essential part of the curriculum. Starting in elementary school, students participate in the PioneerTown program, a unique experiential, large-scale simulation of a town, where young learners engage in role-playing and take on different responsibilities in a self-contained economy, learning essential concepts such as economics, business, negotiation and leadership.

With the support of best-in-class educators and industry experts, students work in teams on different entrepreneurial projects throughout the school year to learn about market research, financial literacy, legal systems, social impact, product design, business development, fundraising, and other aspects of starting and running a business. They also learn the fundamentals of small-town governance.

The PioneerTown curriculum includes lessons in six themes mapped to Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy and the Common Core Standards. The activities are planned to teach basic economics and reinforce cultural awareness, geography, math, science, language arts, and civics.

What Does Pioneer Town Look Like?
The inaugural Pioneer Town has been designed as the American frontier-style town square. To introduce young learners to entrepreneurship, they run a shop and learn about stock ordering, inventory, cost management, marketing and advertising – and decide how to spend the profit!

PioneerTown Transformation
The opening of the new, purpose-built campus facilities in August 2023 will include a three-storey library, a multi-purpose gym, and specialist classes equipped with the latest educational technology with a specially designed PioneerTown area.

This authentic and conceptual PioneerTown environment within the physical premises of the school will enable students to take on various real-life roles and responsibilities and help them learn about collaborative civic involvement, the development of laws, the establishment of human rights, collaboration, innovation, enterprise, and more.

PioneerTown is a 21st-century educational program designed to nurture the new generation of pioneers and help them to develop essential life skills in a fun, hands-on way!


Why Little Steps Loves It:​

There's nothing else like PioneerTown in Singapore and the program teaches the importance of entrepreneurial spirit to students from a young age.

Who It's Perfect For:

Children aged 6-14 years.

What Else:​

The school offers a rigorous and high-quality American education at an affordable price, with an enhanced curriculum that includes internationally recognised programs such as AERO Common Core standards, Everyday Math, Inspired Science, and a balanced approach to literacy with materials from Scholastic. As for character development, the school has its unique Pioneer Spirit program based on the Second Step program.

Where To Find It:​

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