Guide To Understanding Primary And Secondary School Curriculum Choices In Singapore

British + IB + American + More!

School Curriculum Choices For Primary And Secondary In Singapore

Singapore offers a variety of school curriculum options for families. While it might seem a tad overwhelming, there are some basic differences and we thought we would put together a handy guide to give you a bit of help in understanding what is offered in Singapore and which schools offer it. Enjoy!

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Curriculum Options For Primary / Secondary Schools In Singapore (MICRO GUIDES)

Curriculum Options For Early Years Programs In Singapore (MICRO GUIDES)


    Schools Offering English National Curriculum In Singapore (British):

    The British, UK, or English National Curriculum is a highly structured, incredibly globally popular curriculum developed to ensure a degree of uniformity through a general framework prescribed by the UK government. The rigorous curriculum is followed by a rigorous selection of teachers who get to teach it. Needless to say, only the best of the best can meet the teaching standards. The efficiency of both the curriculum and the teacher's performance is regularly reported on for each student and each subject through evaluation forms, and the collected data is used to help the students flourish individually further. The curriculum prepares students for GCSE and A-Level senior school qualifications, and the ultimate goal of premium UK higher education, through compulsory subjects taught at an age-appropriate level.

    Schools Offering British Curriculum: Click here!

      • The Perse School Singapore closely follows the Cambridge International Primary curriculum enhanced by Singapore Maths and Mandarin as a second language. They have full integration of cutting edge technologies such as a 1 to 1 Apple iPad program and LEGO robotics lessons to foster collaboration across borders with the wider Persean community, develop critical thinking skills, and provide global exposure. The Perse School Singapore offers a learning experience that is engaging, cross-curricular and relevant.
      • The Perse School Singapore, 191 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 588180, +65 6971 8210, [email protected], enrol.perse.com.sg

    Schools Offering American Curriculum In Singapore:

    The American curriculum is among the most widely used ones, along with the English National Curriculum and the IB curriculum. Unlike the British, the US educational system is characterized by a lack of uniformity, so it is often unclear what the term "American curriculum" exactly implies. American international schools provide a core curriculum designed to prepare students for enrolment at schools and universities in the US especially, as well as other universities across the globe. The approach is less focused on the strict and boring academic side and more on the open and engaging holistic side, yet excellence is continuously achieved. This westernmost approach is student-centered, based on inquiry and hands-on teaching, and prepares our humans aged 5 to 18 for the greatest test of all—the unpredictability of the future.

    Schools Offering American Curriculum In Singapore: Click here!


    Schools Offering Singapore National Curriculum In Singapore:

    The Ministry of Education (MOE) has developed a holistic education centered on values and character development. Learning takes place individually and collaboratively, as children construct meaning from knowledge and experiences. The development of confident learners with strong social skills and a good foundation in literacy and numeracy is at the core of the Singapore National Curriculum. Preschools following the Singapore National system incorporate a bilingual (Mandarin) element to their early learning programs as well as a focus on hands-on learning.

    Singapore National Curriculum And Schools: Click here!

  • School Curriculum Choices In Singapore - IB Education - INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE


    Schools Offering IB Curriculum In Singapore:

    You must have heard the letters "IB" thrown around when it comes to the overwhelming subject of choosing an education for your kid. They often appear with other mysterious combos of letters: PYP, MYP, DPCP. The International Baccalaureate (IB) consists of 4 programs of international education covering learners aged 3-19. All levels are built on IB's core values of holism and sustainability, a winning combination when you are on a mission to change the world at large in the best way possible—through cherishing children's inherent curiosity and openness and turning it into the knowledge of how to navigate and embrace the life-long process of learning, appreciate and understand the beauty of the world's diversity and complexity, be proactively kind to others and our planet, form communities and grow as individuals.

    Schools Offering IB Curriculum In Singapore: Click here!

      • Not only is the German European School offering IB programs (PYP, MYP, and DP), they are also accredited to offer a German curriculum (from ages 2 to 18). German is offered as a language pathway from grades 1 to 12, French and Spanish from grades 6 to 12, Latin from grades 6 to 10, and other mother tongue languages from grades 1 to 5. In the holistic curriculum, GESS offers STEM, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sports, and Languages. To extend the possibilities for students beyond their academic learning, the school officially launched BeyondClassrooms programme in 2021, partnering with companies and partners, which bring about internships, career counseling, industry talks, site visits and more. In August 2018, GESS moved to a new purpose-built campus with brand new facilities at Dairy Farm Lane, near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
      • German European School Singapore, 2 Dairy Farm Lane, Singapore 677621, +65 6461 0801, [email protected].  www.gess.sg

    Schools Offering Australian Curriculum In Singapore

    The Australian Curriculum is made up of 8 learning areas. These learning areas are English; Mathematics; Science; Humanities and Social Sciences; The Arts; Technologies; Health and Physical Education as well as Languages. Students graduate with the Western Australian Certificate of Education at the end of year 12.

    Schools Offering Australian Curriculum In Singapore: AIS Singapore


    In addition to the above curricula, Singapore also boasts a number of other curricula schools. These are international schools that offer the education of their home country’s curriculum, and these schools usually teach in their home country’s language. The German-Swiss and French for example, are well-suited for families whose overseas stay is going to be short, or whose children are planning to attend university in their home country. The advantage of attending such a school is that students can continue with an education system they are familiar with while gaining experience of living overseas and then can return to a school in their home country with minimum disruption. There is also The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which is put forward by the Union Government of India, and it carries out final exams for Indian schools in Years 10 and 12.  Another key curriculum worth mentioning is the popular IPC curriculum which is a skills-based curriculum for kids ages 3-12.

    Other Curriculum Schools In Singapore:

    CBSE: Global Indian International School

    German-Swiss:  GESS Singapore

    French: IFS

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