Is My Child Ready For Primary 1 In Singapore?

Tips For An Awesome Transition To Primary 1 In Singapore


Do you dread your child’s first day of school? Or are you proactively reading up on how to prepare your preschooler for the next chapter of their life? School readiness is not a myth and it encompasses various areas of development. However, not all children’s development follows the same pace and rhythm, so comparisons between individual children are misplaced here.

We’ve compiled parents’ most common concerns and tips that could empower you to help your kiddo ease into this new phase of their life.


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    READING & WRITING: Primary 1 Transition In Singapore?

    There are children who have read whole books before starting school; there are children who start school not knowing their ABCs. Regardless of their writing and reading abilities, success or failure is not written in stone (pun intended). While it’s undeniable that your kiddo will be at an advantage if they know the alphabet and can read basic words and construct short sentences, this is not mandatory and does not predict long-term learning outcomes in the school setting.

    Tip: What you can do is start getting your kiddo interested in writing by incorporating letters into play. Teach them how to spell their own name. Read books together daily – it’s a perfect bonding experience that is also incredibly beneficial to both of you. Your child will soon figure out that a love of reading is a gift that keeps on giving!

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    INDEPENDENCE: Primary 1 Transition In Singapore?

    If your kid isn’t used to going to the toilet themselves, cannot zip up their own coat, tie their own shoelaces or find their way around unfamiliar spaces, you may worry that they aren’t ready for school. Some kids are shy and unable to express themselves confidently or ask for help. Remember that schools aim to empower kids and provide a safe atmosphere for both introverted and extroverted students (and everyone in between).

    Tip: You can open a channel of communication with your child’s teachers, figure out a solution and take precautionary measures, as well as be mindful of playfully building their independence in everyday situations with your encouragement (and much smaller stakes)!

  • RESPONSIBILITY: Primary 1 Transition In Singapore?

    From potentially handling money and making healthy food choices in the canteen to handling books, packing their school bag and taking care of a plethora of stationery and other school items, school life brings on many non-academic responsibilities.

    Tip: Model responsible behavior to your child and include them, to an appropriate degree, in decision-making processes and activities such as grocery shopping and housecleaning. Do expect dog ears on books and lost items from time to time, as well as some rebellion around food – use these situations as opportunities to talk about the importance of responsibility for our own belongings and wellbeing.

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    RULES & SCHEDULES: Primary 1 Transition In Singapore?

    If your child can’t tell time and has a seemingly skewed perception of it, you may be worried that they won’t manage to finish homework and classwork in time. School is meant to instill a sense of structure in their students’ lives, so teaching time management is one on the things teachers are for. Additionally, schedules help with predictability, which can soothe anxieties in the long run.

    Tip: If you want to do more, you can use a timer to practice at home in everyday situations like putting toys away or dressing. It may even make it more fun because this way it’s a challenge, not a chore. If this countdown situation is stressful for your kiddo, they may not know where to start – which is one of the many things you can help them with. Finding solutions and different approaches builds confidence, which is a great ingredient for learning.

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    SOCIAL SKILLS: Primary 1 Transition In Singapore?

    Socialization is one of the most important aspects of going to school. Humans have a deep need to belong in their community, and the transition from preschool to Primary 1 may disrupt their relationships. For some kids, these were hard-earned as they are shy, anxious, or not social, so their parents may worry that they will have trouble making friends.

    Tip: Talk to your child about these changes to prepare them for all the new faces and instill curiosity and confidence in them. You can keep scheduling playdates with their preschool friends to help them ease the transition and strengthen existing bonds.

  • COMMUNICATE: Primary 1 Transition In Singapore?

    Don’t forget that a conversation is always a good place to start, both with the teachers/schools you are considering and with your kiddo. If your little one themselves is anxious about the beginning of Primary 1, reassure them that their feelings are normal, ask open ended questions, and offer your support and compassionate encouragement. If you are the anxious party, talk to the school and to your kiddo without expressing doubt in their abilities – open up a conversation and engage them in developing those skills through everyday activities! If you are worried that your child hasn’t hit a developmental milestone, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. Early intervention can work wonders!

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    APPLY TO DEFER: Primary 1 Transition In Singapore?

    If you feel that your child may not be ready for formal schooling due to their medical conditions, special educational needs, delayed or slower progression or other circumstances, you can apply to defer their commencement of Primary 1 by 1 year. If a qualified health professional determines the need for it, parents can deter for the purpose of allowing time for intensive early intervention to help kids catch up with their peers.

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    LET GO OF EXPECTATIONS: Primary 1 Transition In Singapore?

    Finally, consider whether you may be worried that your child will not excel in Primary 1, as opposed to being ready for it. If you have high expectations of your child’s academic and social success this early on (harboring hopes that they will be the exemplary student, for example), it’s worth to consider why. There’s plenty of time and always plenty of room for improvement and finding their passions – and that’s something schools excel at.

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