Brisk up your endurance game on a trail that works like a fitness-charm! Outdoorsy bums in Singapore now have a new challenge! Cheer up and head to the 36-km brand new Park Connector linking the Jurong Lake Gardens to Coney Island on a single hiking route: the Coast-To-Coast Trail.

The brand new connector is the latest addition to the already super-developed network of tracks giving active folks all the bragging rights in town. But wait, this is not all! The experience of getting along the Coast-To-Coast trail is completed with the first augmented reality app enabled for mobile phones. The app creates an immersive experience leading you across 10 checkpoints spread out along 18 parks, showcasing the biodiversity we get to enjoy in our garden city!

Planning to walk the whole trail? Make sure to bring enough water and snacks as some areas tend to be more isolated. Allow a whole day to complete the trail, otherwise, you can take it easy and bring the kids along on a full-day outing!