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Milk – we drink it straight out of the bottle when the kids aren’t looking and lovingly pour it over their cereals and into their smoothies to make them oh-so rich. Aside from the fresh milk cartons that we purchase from supermarkets, here are 5 incredible local and international sources of cow’s, goat’s, or nut milk that can be delivered right to your doorstep!

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  • Hay-Dairies-Goat's-Milk-Delivery-Singapore

    HAY DAIRIES GOAT FARM: Lim Chu Kang *Fresh Milk Delivery In Singapore

    Goat's Milk

    Lim Chu Kang is also home to Hay Dairies which, 30 years into its existence, remains the only goat farm in Singapore. They love their goats and do everything to keep them happy and ensure that their milk is superb. Goat's milk is easily digestible and great for infants - the next best thing to mother's milk. Their fresh goat's milk is completely farm-fresh, only pasteurized, and, for those who prefer it, all chocolaty. You can also shop for Hay Dairies Goat's Milk online at RedMart and Cold Storage. Home delivery service is provided once a week to selected locations and delivery day is dependent on your location. You can also take your kiddos on a free and easy tour to the farm, where they can even feed the goats, learn about the milking process & more. Check out our farm visit video here!

    Hay Dairies Goat Farm, 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859, +65 6792 0931,

  • DairyFolks-Best-Milk-Delivery-Singapore

    DAIRYFOLKS: Lim Chu Kang *Fresh Milk Delivery In Singapore

    Cow's Milk & Ice-Cream

    For over 80 years, DairyFolks has been supplying Singapore with fresh milk from the local farming and agricultural heaven that is Lim Chu Kang. Their cows are daily and lovingly fed freshly-cut grass and milked twice a day. The creamy goodness they produce is perfect as it is; it is pasteurized by these milk artisans, but otherwise completely untouched. No preservatives, no additives, no permeates, just fresh, single-source, farm-fresh milk. Free local delivery is available for purchases above SG$20. SG$5 delivery fee applies for orders below SG$20. Allow 5 working days for delivery, subject to stock availability.

    DairyFolks, 5 Lim Chu Kang Lane 8A, Singapore 719608, +65 67937114,

  • The-Mlk-Co-Almond-Milk-Singapore

    THE MLK CO.: Online *Fresh Milk Delivery In Singapore

    Almond Milk

    The Mlk Co. produces premium, organic almond milk and does so in environmentally-conscious, sustainable ways. All varieties contain at least 25% of toxin-free, organic almonds and you can choose between the incredibly nutritious original, cacao, matcha, hojicha, and macadamia varieties whose creaminess comes exclusively from their natural ingredients and careful processing. In a nutshell, these are nothing less than raw, unpasteurized, bottled-up health bombs. Delivery is on Mondays or Thursdays and there is an SG$4.99 fee for SG$19.99 and below, SG$3.99 for SG$20 to SG$39.99; everything above is free. Learn more about their subscription options here.

    The Mlk

  • Viknesh-Dairy-Farm-Cow's-Milk-Singapore

    VIKNESH DAIRY FARM: Lim Chu Kang *Fresh Milk Delivery In Singapore

    Cow's Milk

    Located at Kranji Countryside, Viknesh Dairy Farm is one of its kind in Singapore and is free to visit! As a family-owned business, they are the leading supplier of fresh cow's milk since 2003. Milk is also available for sale at the farm. The milk purchased is ‘raw’ milk meaning that is non-pasteurized and homogenized and you'll have to boil it before consumption. The farm is open daily except on Deepavali. For more information, WhatsApp +65 9142 1511.

    Viknesh Dairy Farm, No 6, Lim Chu Kang Road, Lane 8a, Singapore 719607, +65 9142 1511 (Mr Viknesh),,

  • Goats-Milk-Singapore-Product-Delivery

    GOATS MILK SINGAPORE: Online *Fresh Milk Delivery In Singapore

    UHT Goat's Milk & Other Products

    If something runs in the aptly-named Hay family, it's the love of milk. Mr. Hay, the son of the pioneer who founded the above-mentioned Hay Dairies is here to provide you with another family-owned source of that precious goat's milk. He partnered with Delamere and focused on their UHT milk—processed at temperatures exceeding 135°C (275°F) for about one second —that has a significantly longer shelf life without compromising on flavor or nutritional value! The UHT versions are available at FairPrice Finest, Cold Storage, MarketPlace, Sheng Siong, Global Halal Hub, Toko Warisan, SuperNature and RedMart in Singapore. Call, SMS/WhatsApp Mr Hay Shiwei at +65 9766 9860 for any enquires or regarding home delivery. 

    Goats Milk Singapore, +65 9766 9860,

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