Visiting Vegetable, Fruit, And Strawberry Farms In Singapore

Fun Outings In The Dirt With Kids

Vegetable Farms In Singapore

Do your kiddos turn their noses up every time you put some veggies and fruits on their plates? Then it’s time to take a trip to your local farm to show them how it’s grown. From strawberry picking to vegetable and fruit farm visits, families love this outing with kids in tow!  Many of the farms also offer tours as well.  Eat a hearty meal in one of their cafes and your kids will be shouting “more please”.

  • Vegetables Picked From Bollywood Veggies

    Bollywood Veggies: Vegetable Farm In Singapore

    Go with your loved ones for a family meal on a sunny afternoon, and take a relaxing walk around their ten-acre farm. They have a Food Museum where you can learn about the history of food culture. For nature lovers, the entire area boasts world-class biodiversity, and the farm has many birds, fish, frogs, snails, and insects in the outback acres-cats and dogs too! Take a trip today.


    Bollywood Veggies, 100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026,

  • Carrots Picked From Green Circle Eco Farms Singapore

    Green Circle Eco Farms: Vegetable Farm In Singapore

    This is an authentic organic farm which adheres to strict farming standards. Set on the retirement home of veggie loving couple Evelyn and Tian Soo, this is a great farm to come and explore for a couple of hours. No chemicals whatsoever are allowed in the farm. Plant watering is from rain water captured by a roof and gutter system that directs all rain water to a holding pond. You can order online too if you don’t have time to come up, but why wouldn’t you the food doesn’t get fresher than this.


    Green Circle Eco Farms, 41 Neo Tiew Road Singapore 719028, +65 68619286,

  • Mushrooms Picked From Kin Yan Agrotech Singapore

    Kin Yan Agrotech: Vegetable Farm In Singapore

    This is Singapore’s largest wheatgrass farm. They also farm fresh edible cactuses, aloe vera, mushrooms as well as roselle fruits. They hold product tasting demos, cooking classes, school tours and so much more. So for the green yogis among you, head on down for a bit of detoxing and fun learning about new veggies. Make sure you sign up for the hands-on farming activities too.


    Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ltd, 220 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718830, +65 6794 8368,

  • Exterior Of Kranji Farm Resort Singapore

    Kranji Farm Resort: Vegetable Farm And Restaurant In Singapore

    The new farm, is bigger and better than before. They have dedicated one hectare of land to showcase a variety of tropical fruit and plants. Take a languorous stroll and experience the abundance from Mother Nature. There’s also a museum, spa and restaurant if you’re feeling a little nibbly.


    Kranji Farm Resort, 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813,

  • Exterior Of Kranji Countryside Singapore

    Kranji Countryside: Vegetable And Fruit Farms In Singapore

    The Kranji Countryside Association helps support all farms in the local area. They organize a quarterly farmers market where you can buy some of the local produce which is grown and made in the area. There are some lovely heritage trails you can walk as a family. They’re a great way for kids to get back to nature and see how food is grown and cultivated.


    Kranji Countryside,

  • Vegetables Picked From Open Farm Community Singapore

    Open Farm Community: Vegetable Farm In Singapore

    Open Farm Community is the only farm to table restaurant in central Singapore. Food is grown on site and you can take a tour of the garden before you head in for lunch or dinner. Chef and owner Ryan wants to show families how urban farming can work and how eating seasonal produce is important. OFC emphasizes the importance of education by helping children and families expand their mind through farming workshops, events and activities.


    Open Farm Community, 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819, +65 6471 0306,

  • Greenhouse At Oh Farms Singapore

    Oh Farms: Vegetable Farms In Singapore

    Oh' Farms is made up of 220 tropical greenhouses built on 2.44 hectares of land located within Singapore's Nee Soon Agrotechnology Parks. Produce includes, pesticide-free local vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, cai xin, kang kong, bayam, xiao bai cai, butterhead lettuce and high-value herbal plants such as sweet basil, rocket, mint, oregano, dill, rosemary, tarragon, Italian parsley and thyme. They also offer education visits where you can learn more about the processes and tour the farm.


    Oh Farms, 14A, Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769970, +65 6753 8011,

  • Eggplants From Quan Fa Organic Farm Singapore

    Quan Fa Organic Farm: Vegetable Farm In Singapore

    Quan Fa Organic Farm abstains from the use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers, to produce only the freshest food crops that are both nutritious and healthy. Step into nature’s classroom, where you can smell, touch and taste their organic vegetables in their raw state and learn about their different growth stages from seeding to harvesting! This is a fun tour for up to 20 kids, so what not book it for your next birthday party.


    Quan Fa Organic Farm, 35 Murai Farmway Singapore 709145, +65 6793 7693,

  • Tomato Planst From Weekend Farm Singapore

    Weekend Farm: Vegetable Farm In Singapore

    The Weekend Farm products that are offered are the freshest leafy vegetables that have been harvested within 24 hours. At the Weekend Farm, visitors are free to explore the premises to see firsthand how and where the leafy vegetables are grown, purchase their weekly supply of groceries, and relax & unwind with family and friends. Weekend Farm is a unique, one-stop destination for your grocery shopping, education and leisure fun!


    Weekend Farm, 18 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698974,


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