10 Ways To Create Cute Lunchboxes For Kids In Singapore

Everything You Need For A Visually Appealing And Vibrant Lunchbox!

Create Cute Lunchboxes For Kids

Nothing entices children more than pretty visuals and colorful things. To ensure your little kiddo isn’t skipping mealtimes in school in exchange for extra playtime, spruce up their lunchboxes by adding little bits of colors here and there. This way, they’ll be much more inclined to finish their meals willingly.

While you’re at it, make sure you’re having fun too! We’ve rounded up a list of different products that can help you in the process so that you can get creative and enjoy it thoroughly!


  • Pretty Lunchbox


    First things first, your kiddo’s got to have an adorable lunchbox to bring with them to school! Something with a handle, like this LEGO lunchbox, will also make it easier for them to carry around during break times or recess.

  • Mini Snack Container


    If your little one usually brings a simple snack to school instead of a full meal, invest in a mini snack container that looks cute but also gets the job done! Something that’s durable and lightweight will be the most ideal.

  • Pretty Cutlery Set


    On top of a cute lunchbox, let your kids choose an adorable cutlery set that they’ll feel happy using. They can easily store the cutlery back in the case once they’re done eating, keeping the utensils safe and clean until they bring it home.

  • Patterned Food Wraps


    Food wraps are essential if you often add sandwiches to your kid’s lunchbox. These ones are eco-friendly and plastic-free, and are actually washable, reusable and compostable. Their antibacterial properties also help keep food fresh and reduces the risk of contamination.


    Shape and season the rice in your kiddo’s lunchbox for a cuter, more colourful look. The kids will be extremely excited to have their meals this way, and the extra seasoning will also add flavour for them. Investing in an onigiri mould will make the preparation process a fuss-free and relatively easy one!


    Onigiri is a great snack your kiddos can have during break time or recess! They’ll definitely love it even more if you wrap it up in a cute kawaii packaging. To open the wrapper, all your kid has to do is pull down a tear tape and pull the film gently to both sides!


    Occasionally add in one or two special sweet treats to your kiddo’s lunchbox. Something like mini cupcakes will suffice, and you can place them in pretty cupcake liners that can easily be bought at any baking store.

  • Vegetable Shapes


    Make the veggies in your kid’s lunchbox more appetizing by cutting them into tiny shapes using cookie cutters. These generic mini cookie cutters can be found at almost any baking store and come in a wide selection of different shapes.

  • Googly Eyes Food Picks


    If cutting veggies into shapes is too time-consuming, simply insert a bunch of googly eyes food picks on top of them instead! This is one of the most efficient ways to spruce up your kiddo’s lunch, so it’s something you can easily do every day.


    Reusable fabric wrapping is a wonderful substitute for lunch bags. This way, the kids don’t have to bring an extra lunch bag to school, and you can also easily wash each fabric wrap and rotate them throughout the week.

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