Mid-Autumn Wonders Come Alive At VivoCity!

Inspired By The Tales Of Alice In Wonderland


Look forward to one of the most whimsical Mid-Autumn celebrations in Singapore At VivoCity! Get ready for a whirlwind adventure you step into Wonderland where a dazzling spectacle of lanterns await at the Sky Park! Inspired by the tales of Alice in Wonderland, VivoCity’s rooftop Sky Park transforms into a wondrous lantern display. Shoppers can experience 5 whimsical zone loosely based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – starting from a journey down the rabbit hole, a rendezvous at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, a close-up encounter with the Queen’s card soldiers and finally meeting the Red Queen herself at a towering castle made of lanterns!

Down the Rabbit Hole

“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” exclaimed the White Rabbit, nervously checking his pocket watch. Step through a larger-than-life storybook to enter the curious world of VivoCity’s Wonderland. Hurry along with the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and experience a whirl of glittering lights and mind-bending illusions, can you feel yourself growing bigger the further you go?

A Mad Tea Party

There’s no time to wait – grab a seat as the Mad Tea Party is about to begin! On a 5m long illuminated table decked out with a spread of colourful desserts and tableware, surrounded by the Hatter’s best chairs, be amazed by a lantern teacup stack piling precariously into the air! You mustn’t miss the chance to snap away and strike a pose at this quirky tea party.

Tunnel of Soldiers

Onward to the Red Queen’s castle we go! March down the 40m long tunnel of roses illuminated by sparkling lights and guarded by the Queen’s trusty soldiers. Be careful with her precious roses – we hear the Queen is not one to be trifled with.

Pool of Cards

Enjoy a moonlit view of the card soldiers taking over our waterscape as they put up brightly coloured, glowing lanterns in the water to humour the Queen.

The Queen’s Castle

Complete your journey to Wonderland and seek an audience with the Red Queen in her majestic castle. Made completely out of handcrafted lanterns, this 10m tall whimsical castle is adorned in the Queen’s favourite colours inviting all to step in as she welcomes her guests in full regal splendour.

What: Get ready for a whirlwind adventure you step into Wonderland where a dazzling spectacle of lanterns await at the Sky Park!

When: August 23 – September 22, 2019.


VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585, Website 

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