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Petting Zoo At Farm In The City

Petting Zoo In KL For Families

Visit a petting zoo in KL at Farm In The City.

This adorable petting zoo in KL is a fantastic attraction in Kuala Lumpur that kids will absolutely adore! Your little ones can pet all the animals that are housed in a natural habitat environment at Farm In The City. They can get up close to more than 100 animals, from the exotic species like owls to more common household pets like rabbits. Also in this tropical oasis are over 60 types of plants that your child can see and learn about.

The Farm In The City is also home to a unique variety of animals, such as the world’s smallest species of horse, the second smallest species of kangaroo, the world’s largest species of rabbit, and the world’s rarest white crow. Other favorites include turtles, porcupines, and iguanas! Their farm also has pony rides, that will certainly thrill little equestrians.

The farm has been divided into 11 habitats:

• Mood’s Lake

• Turtle & Tortoise Farm

• Bird Aviary

• Reptile Cavern

• Rabbit Farm

• Pets Village

• Jungle Walk

• Vegetable & Fruit Farm

• Savannah

• Longkang Fishing

• Kampong Mahmood

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Animals are kept in healthy condition within an environment similar to their natural habitat.

Who It's Perfect For:

Kids who love animals and want to pet them!

What Else:​

It’s next to a flea market and night bazaar, so parents and kids can do some shopping after their visit!

Where To Find It:​

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