Right smack in the middle of the city atop Bukit Nanas or Pineapple Hill is the KL Forest Eco Park, a patch of ancient tropical rainforest. The park is a refreshing contrast to the city’s surrounding concrete jungle. There’s a canopy walk, about 200 meters long, for amazing aerial views of towering treetops and the city beyond plus kid-friendly trails for a quick dose of nature, complete with forest trees, insects, and birds. Trails are well-marked; also available are guided walks with park rangers to help introduce kids to the varying species of trees and animals that inhabit the forest. It is believed the park is home to about 223 tree species, 25 types of birds and 12 species of animals, including bats, civet cats, squirrels, long-tailed macaques and silver leaf monkeys. If you opt to explore on your own, be sure to first download the QR code reader to read the descriptions of plants along your trail. Gazetted a reserve back in 1906 by the British colonial administration, the KL Forest Eco Park is all of nine hectares of green today. The canopy walk will end at the KL Tower, right by the Upside Down House, where kids will be thrilled to observe that everything is topsy-turvy. Imagine beds, sofas, and tables on ceilings and light shades on the floor!