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Best Apps For Parents In Malaysia

Hey, moms and dads! We know that parenting involves a whirlwind of responsibilities, from school runs and playdates to keeping your little ones entertained and educated. Life can often feel like a never-ending to-do list. But guess what? There are plenty of incredible apps designed to make your life easier and more organized. Dive into our curated list of must-have apps tailored for busy Malaysian parents. Whether you’re a tech-savvy parent or just looking for a helping hand, these apps will transform everyday challenges into child’s play. Stay on top of your game and turn chaos into convenience with these essential tools. Let’s explore the best apps that every Malaysian parent needs to know about!

  • WhatsApp-Malaysia

    WHATSAPP MESSENGER*Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    Free Messages and Video Calls

    A must-have for two billion people in over 180 countries, WhatsApp is probably one of the most useful app ever introduced. You're just a (free) call away from your loved one or video call them whenever you're feeling lonely, as there are no more expensive long-distance calls to keep you from staying in touch. From sharing locations to urgent messages, and perhaps even oversharing of photos and videos, many of us rely on this app heavily to stay connected and to share information at lightning speed. Sending yourself messages is extremely easy too if you need a place to jot down the shopping list, a quick reminder, and more!

  • DUOLINGO *Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    Free Language Learning

    Embark on a fun and free learning adventure with Duolingo, a popular education app, offering over 40 languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Great for adults and kids too, practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills, all while having a blast. Designed by language experts and loved by millions worldwide, Duolingo prepares you for real conversations in languages like Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and more. Plus, there are also Math and Music courses! So, whether you're learning for travel, school, career, or just for fun, Duolingo makes education exciting.

  • Khan-Academy-Kids-Malaysia

    KHAN ACADEMY KIDS *Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    Education On The Go For Young Ones

    Are you eager to get your child to learn and absorb useful knowledge on the go? Check out the Khan Academy Kids app where kids all sorts of fun stuff! This free educational app for children ages 2-8, offers a treasure trove of learning fun without ads or subscriptions. With over 5,000 interactive lessons and games, kids can explore reading, math, and more with cute characters like Kodi the Bear and Ollo the Elephant guiding them along. The app's extensive library features books on animals, dinosaurs, science, and more, available in English, Spanish, and even offline! Perfect for home, school, or on-the-go, Khan Academy Kids ensures a safe, engaging, and enriching experience, making learning a joyful adventure for little ones.

  • Google-Family-Link-Malaysia

    GOOGLE FAMILY LINK *Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    Keeping Tabs On Your Loved Ones

    Want to keep tabs on your child's whereabouts and screen time? Google Family Link is the go-to app for keeping your family safer online while nurturing healthy digital habits. With Family Link, you can easily set screen time limits, approve or block apps, and guide your kids to age-appropriate content on YouTube. Plus, you can manage and secure their accounts, protect their privacy, and even locate their devices on a map. Whether setting digital ground rules or getting notifications when your child arrives or leaves a certain location, Family Link gives you the tools to stay connected and in control. Perfect for finding that sweet spot between safety and freedom, Family Link makes parenting in the digital age a breeze.

  • YouTube-Kids-Malaysia

    YOUTUBE KIDS *Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    Videos Suitable For Children

    As a parent, it is only natural to worry about the content that your child consumes on YouTube. Fortunately, there's an alternative. Check out YouTube Kids, a video app for children that offers a safe and fun environment packed with family-friendly content that sparks creativity and playfulness. Parents can easily guide their kids' viewing journey, set screen time limits, monitor watched videos, and block inappropriate content. Create up to eight unique profiles with age-specific modes like "Preschool," "Younger," and "Older," or choose approved content for a tailored experience. With videos on everything from favorite shows and music to DIY projects and learning activities, YouTube Kids makes exploring new interests exciting and secure.

  • Kiddocare-Kuala-Lumpur

    KIDDOCARE *Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    Book A Babysitter Online!

    Parents searching for babysitting services will be pleased to know that Kiddocare will take care of that for you by linking parents with babysitters based on their preferred time and location. Whether you need occasional babysitting or a long-term arrangement, Kiddocare simplifies the process. After signing up and providing details about your child and your preferences for the babysitter, you can easily schedule a sitter through the app. It matches you with nearby babysitters, whose profiles and reviews from other parents are accessible for your consideration. All babysitters are Malaysians who have undergone mandatory background checks and training by relevant parties and are certified in CPR and First Aid. They will be able to handle newborns to kids up to age 12 years.  There's even an option for a pop-up nanny that you can hire if you're hosting an event and need an extra pair of hands to supervise the kids!

  • SHOPEE *Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    Marketplace For Everything You Need

    Shopping online with Shopee means enjoying the comfort of your own home while experiencing a seamless, secure, and safe shopping spree—no more long queues or traffic jams! Shopee offers an extensive range of products, from fashion, gadgets, home goods, and furniture to travel deals, food, and beyond. You can find almost anything under the sun on Shopee, making it your one-stop shop for all your needs. Plus, with amazing deals like cashback vouchers and frequent sales, you'll save much more compared to traditional physical stores. Whether you're looking for the latest tech, trendy clothes, or household essentials, Shopee has you covered with incredible discounts and unbeatable convenience. Happy shopping!

  • TOUCH 'N GO EWALLET *Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    A Useful eWallet To Have

    Touch 'n Go eWallet is one of the most useful financial app for seamless financial services, including savings, insurance, investment, lending, and payment solutions. You won't have to worry about having insufficient cash as you can now effortlessly pay with DuitNow Transfer or use your linked credit/debit card for automatic payments. Conveniently pay bills with JomPAY, grow your money daily with GO+, and safeguard your eWallet with insurance plans. Apply for micro-loans with GOpinjam, enjoy privacy with the numberless Visa card, and send money internationally with GOremit. Shop in-store or online at major retailers, easily manage transport and parking payments, book movie tickets, and top-up prepaid lines—all within the app.

  • Grab-Malaysia

    GRAB *Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    Ride-Hailing, Food Delivery, eWallet & More!

    Many would agree that the Grab app has made life easier, more exciting, and hassle-free! Grab is Southeast Asia's ultimate all-in-one app for taxis, ride-hailing, grocery shopping, and food delivery. Need a ride? Grab a taxi or hire a private car. Hungry? Satisfy your cravings with food from your favorite restaurants or get groceries delivered fast. With GrabPay, enjoy seamless cashless payments at shops and supermarkets. Designed for convenience and reliability, Grab's services are available across eight countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and more, ensuring you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

  • Waze-Kuala-Lumpur

    WAZE *Must-Have Apps for Malaysian Parents

    Real Time Road Navigation

    Navigating the streets of KL or even a road trip to the East Coast is easy peasy thanks to Waze, a trusted co-pilot who will help turn your journey into a smooth, stress-free adventure with real-time help from fellow drivers. With GPS navigation, live traffic updates, and safety alerts for roadworks, accidents, and more, Waze ensures you reach your destination safely and swiftly. Get accurate ETAs, avoid road surprises, dodge tickets by spotting speed cameras, and share road happenings with other drivers. Enjoy features like lane guidance, toll price info, and petrol station locations. You can even sync your favorite music apps and get voice-guided navigation from your favorite celebs. It's pretty hard to imagine life before Waze now that we're fully dependent on it!

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