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Best Supermarkets For Grocery Shopping In Singapore

Food & Grocery Shopping Guide

Best Singapore Supermarkets

If you want to buy your favorite items from home, you may find them two, three, or even four times the price here. Grocery shopping in Singapore varies depending on the shop you chose and the budget you have to spend. Whether you chose to shop solely at a supermarket or mix it up with weekly visits to the wet market, there is something for everyone’s budget.


    Fairprice is Singapore’s largest retailer and comprises of FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Finest, and FairPrice Xtra. They provide quality products at a lower price. Larger stores will stock western items depending on their location. Join the wine club where you can save an extra 8% off your vino! They deliver too, so no need to carry bulky items home. Want more? You can also join the Warehouse Club as members and buy bulk packs, value packs, and multi-packs at great prices. You can find Find special quality imports such as Kirkland Signature US, Carrefour France, Tesco UK, Cheesecake Factory US, Frosch Germany.

    NTUC FairPrice currently partners with over 15 local farmers and suppliers across Singapore, offering a wide range of fresh produce. These fresh produces include Chew’s eggs, Yili fresh vegetables, mushrooms from Kin YanJurong Frog Farm’s fresh frog meat, and many more that are all grown and harvested right here in Singapore! These homegrown brands are stocked across 230 NTUC FairPrice outlets!

    Support our local heroes by choosing local produce starting from your next grocery trip! Keep a lookout for the ‘SG Fresh Produce’ logo, which will help you identify eggs, fish, vegetables, and all types of local produce that’s been proudly nurtured in Singapore.

    NTUC FairPrice, multiple locations,

  • GIANT: Large Supermarket In Singapore

    Known as the discount retailer over Singapore for its hypermarket style of selling, they stock it high, but keep it cheap. They have several hypermarkets, many supermarkets, and HDBs express stores that are open 24 hours a day. They offer an online ordering and delivery option, too. Expect to find bikes, camping gear, furniture, as well as grocery items.


    Giant Singapore, multiple locations,

  • COLD STORAGE: Large Supermarket In Singapore

    A firm favorite among expats and higher earning locals, Cold Storage stocks produce from the USA, Europe, Australia, as well as Asia. Prices are on the higher side, however, their products are premium and only the best quality. Want more premium products? Head to Market Place that's filled with exquisite ingredients for the adventurous connoisseur, Market Place has a fantastic and inspiring range of international ingredients. Up your passion for premier culinary delights as you discover our range of premium grade meat cuts, delicatessen, air-flown groceries, specially imported oils and vinegars as well as our charming collection of international wines. If you're at the Marina Bay area, Jason's Deli will have you sorted with daily provisions.


    Cold Storage, multiple locations,

  • A Guide To Supermarkets In Singapore - Market Place By Jasons

    MARKET PLACE BY JASONS : Higher-End Supermarket In Singapore

    This is definitely a higher-end supermarket. They stock a huge selection of imported items from meats, cheeses, wines, and delicatessen items. Expect to pay a premium for these quality products. They include many organic, gluten free, and specialist products from around the world. Shop online for an easy and convenient shopping experience.


    Market Place by Jasons, multiple locations,

  • MUSTAFA CENTRE: Indian Grocery / Supermarket In Singapore

    You can find anything and everything here but it is especially good for shopping for Indian groceries, household and kitchen items, silks, saris, and Indian beauty products. Furthermore, you’ll be able to find things that are harder or impossible to find elsewhere. For example, Pillsbury Atta Flour to make the best homemade chapatis; all manner of Indian spices in large quantities, and the famous Alphonso Mangoes. It’s not all Indian, however; those in the know head over to Mustafa Shopping Centre to get Bob’s Red Mill products for less than Cold Storage prices, as well as great deals on electronics. It’s mayhem on the weekends though, so try to go super early or late!


    Mustafa Centre, 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704, +65 6295 5855,

  • REDMART: Online Supermarket In Singapore

    For bulky items Redmart is our go-to favorite. Order any time, from anywhere, via their site or mobile app. Choose from thousands of groceries and home essential products. Groceries are delivered to your door 7 days a week within your chosen 2-hour time slot. Save time with fewer trips to the store, less waiting in line, and less stuff to lug home! They even have their very own delivery vans! They SMS you 15 minutes before they’re due to arrive, too - handy!




    Singapore MEIDI-YA Supermarket is the overseas branch of MEIDI-YA in Japan. Their motto, "More Than Just Freshness" refers not only to the freshness and delicious taste of their food but also to their excellent service. MEIDI-YA also stocks a wide variety of fresh food imported directly from Japan. Their fresh bento, Singapore's local products, as well as other imported products are of the finest quality. MEIDI-YA's wide variety of original in-house products have always been in great demand since 1911, like their jam, which is made with the finest and freshest fruit.


    Singapore MEIDI-YA Supermarket, Liang Court & Great World City,


    HAO mart is a chain of convenience stores and supermarkets in Singapore under the HAO Group, which has expanded tremendously and has 46 outlets within a span of three years. HAO megamart is HAO group’s largest outlet located at The Grandstand and houses more than 30,000 different products, from electronics to consumer goods. Apollo Marine seafood is located in HAO megamart where they sell an array of locally farmed live and fresh seafood. Aw’s Market is a local butcher which is also located in HAO megamart. At Eccellente by HAO mart, get access to a spectrum of exclusive products from Taiwan and around the world. Hao Halal Hub is also a supermarket catering to the needs of the Muslim community. Also expect the opening of Paradiso, another establishment, soon!



  • SHENG SIONG SUPERMARKET: Local Supermarket In Singapore

    This is predominantly a local store; their stores are primarily found in retail locations in the heartland of Singapore, and designed to provide customers with both wet and dry shopping options, including a wide assortment of live, fresh, and chilled produce, such as seafood, meat, vegetables, in addition to processed, packaged, and preserved food products, and general merchandise such as toiletries and essential household products.


    Sheng Siong Supermarket, multiple locations,

  • BUTCHERS: Best Places To Buy Meat In Singapore

    Looking for quality protein that's reliable and fresh, delivered right to your door? We've got the scoop on Singapore’s best meat and seafood specialists that deliver. Stock your fridge or freezer with top quality cuts for family meals that are nutritious and delicious!



    Meat and

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