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EtonHouse Orchard Is Now An IB School

Full Academic Scholarships Available

EtonHouse Orchard is an innovative boutique campus that thinks outside of the box and far ahead! Theirs is a “22nd-century education” that prepares kids for the real world – for transforming it into a better one – through intercultural understanding, respect and a cutting-edge curriculum that develops their creativity and thinking skills within a safe, inclusive and diverse community.

EtonHouse Orchard announces news pivotal for the school and life-changing for their students. Think IB World School authorization, full scholarships! Read on to learn the details.


    EtonHouse Orchard has achieved a new milestone this year, perfectly timed for EtonHouse's 25th anniversary. Thanks to the dedication and passion of its community, the campus received an IB Diploma Authorization and is now an IB World School for IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and IB Diploma Programme (IB DP)! The IB DP is recognized and highly respected throughout the world by universities big and small. It's open for Year 12 to Year 13, ages 16 to 18, and is envisioned to lead students with excellent breadth and depth of knowledge into even deeper depths of the nature of knowledge through a balanced, holistic, and rigorous curriculum, various projects and an international focus.

    Check out their podcast on Spotify where they answer questions on their IB Diploma Programme.


    EtonHouse is reacting to these unprecedented times by launching Academic Scholarships that will let 10 students acquire global qualifications through the new IB DP Programme and the Cambridge IGCSE. The launch is worth over $700,000 and covers the entirety of application fees, capital levy, and school fees for the duration of the course, renewed on a yearly basis. New or existing students who receive the scholarship should exhibit exemplary behavior, maintain the grade A for IGCSE and 6 per subject for IB DP, as well as actively contribute to their community at school and locally.

    Find out all the details here!


    There’s no time to waste: get informed, sign up for a school tour to visit their innovative learning spaces designed for creativity and student collaboration. Or you can opt for a virtual experience of the campus. Give your kid the chance to take on the world, with an education designed for millennials!

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