Discover CIS’s French-English Programme At The French Carnaval!

Save The Date – November 23

2022 Nov 23

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Want your child to become fluent in French and English? The Canadian International School (CIS) will introduce their French-English bilingual programme at the French Carnaval on November 23.

The event will take place from 9am-10am: register here

The only French-English bilingual program in Singapore fully aligned to the IB Primary Years Programme, you can discover how their unique approach develops bilingual, biliterate and bicultural children at CIS’s French Carnaval. Together with your child, you’ll participate in a range of French-inspired educational activities, run by bilingual teachers and students.

Enjoy fresh crêpes made to order by the chef at the French café, run by their bilingual students, then practise math skills as you record your scores in English and French.

You’ll also get to sample cheeses from various regions, and build your own mini Eiffel Tower while learning about structures. Through these fun activities, you will experience CIS’s engaging hands-on learning approach, where students learn and apply knowledge in a real-world context.



  • Vocal CIS Singapore

    See Learning In Action

    From acting in plays to cooking French cuisine, CIS’s bilingual students get to learn outside the confines of a traditional classroom and use the French language in a real-world context. French culture is also integrated into learning, so they can speak the language from a place of understanding.

  • A Unique Program Structure

    Available at their Lakeside campus, CIS’s French-English bilingual programme is uniquely aligned to the IB PYP and offers equal exposure to both languages. Each class also has two native speaking teachers: one French speaker and one English speaker.

  • Chatting French Students CIS Singapore

    Meet CIS’s Bilingual Experts

    At the French Carnaval, you'll meet Dr Xiomara Cruz, CIS’s Primary Vice Principal, and her team of experts. They will answer all your questions about their French-English bilingual programme, which is specially designed for children from kindergarten to grade 6.

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