Pinocchio: A Whale Of A Tale!

Presented By ArtBeatz

2018 Apr 07

Pinocchio Show In Singapore For Kids

A colorful, imaginative and delightful musical puppet show to be staged within a ‘Whale’s Belly’, Pinocchio: A Whale of a Tale! embodies the spirit of adventure, growth and exploration, transporting you on a journey through Pinocchio’s world of curiosity and fantasy. An adaptation of the story, “Pinocchio”, this version is where music and story come alive through the journey of a puppet and his master as they travel through forests and seas to discover what it means to be brave, strong and also being true to yourself, love for each other and finally the environment! Find out what mischief Pinocchio gets up to which leads him to be swallowed by a whale! And how the quick-witted wooden puppet (who wants to be a boy) learns from his mistakes to heed the path of honesty with the help of his little friends!

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WHEN: April 7-15, 2018

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