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Brickfields and Little India guide in KL

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is a cosmopolitan and a lively capital city attracting many expats from different countries with quite a large amount of them coming from India. Little Steps has rounded up a guide to Little India in Kuala Lumpur – a favorite hub of authentic Indian stuff + food + spices + puja + sarees + and more. From where to buy Indian clothes to the best shops in Brickfields, we have you covered all around this happening hub.  Happy shopping!

Opening Hours At Little India KL:  10am-9pm daily

  • Guide to Little India In KL


    Little India in Brickfields is quite centrally located. You can go there by your own car, but sometimes you need to wait for a long time to get into the parking in the market. However, if you are not planning to buy some heavy groceries or things to take back home, simply get off at Sentral LRT station and Little India is just a small walk outside the terminal.

  • Grocery Shopping in Little India in KL


    Modern Store: A one-stop-solution for all your Indian grocery items, Modern Store in Little India is by far the best store in terms of availability and quality of food items. They have all sorts of Indian grains, lentils, spices and condiments. They also store most of the packaged Indian foods ranging from snacks (savoury and biscuits, etc) to Indian sweets from Haldiram’s, etc. In case you are the one who doesn't like to cook at home and looking for quick options, Modern store also provides a good range of RTE food from some of the best Indian brands like MTR. Not to forget, they also have a frozen section from India. Apart from food, they also keep other FMCG products like some cosmetics, toiletries, etc. Modern store has recently opened up a new branch which is off from the main market and hence easier to get parking and get done with your quick shopping if you are with kids. So, next time you are in Brickfields and wondering where to go for your groceries, Modern Store is where you should visit.  Click here for details!

    Ashoka Store is another similar store but quality can be an issue.


    Umstores and Sri Kota are both supermarket style stores selling Indian and local groceries, cosmetics, toiletries, plastic wares and other home use items.

  • Shops in brickfields little india


    Mangala Theebam: If you are looking for Indian cosmetics, artificial jewellery, colorful bangles, puja (worship) items, etc then Mangala Theebam is surely a hit for you. It's quite a big store with a wide range of products to choose from as well. They also sell idols of different deities made up of different metals like brass and silver. During Indian festivals, this store is springing up with dazzling festival lights, diyas and some famous sweets.  Click here for details!


    New Malliga: Its a store quite similar to Mangala Theebam. You can get most of the above mentioned items here. However, apart from those, New Malliga also sells some of the common Indian medicines which don't need prescription. So, its sometimes quite convenient to get the basic medicines for yourself and your kids from here.  Click here for details!


    Jewelry Shopping:  If you are looking for buying gold or gold jewellery then Little India also houses some of the famous Indian Jewellers like Bombay Jeweller, Madras Jeweller to name a few.


    There is plenty of variety of colorful and beautifully designed Indian dresses and sarees as well as kids and men’s garments. You will see a number of stores all around the market with lovely displays to choose from - take your pick. However, in terms of quality and price of material its difficult to beat what you get back in India. But, when it comes to festivals or important occasions when you really are looking forward to buying one, you can certainly hit these stores.


    Top Stores For Indian Clothing In KL - Mangala Theebam, Maya, Pandiyan


  • Indian restaurants in Little India KL


    Little India is a hub of restaurants mostly offering casual dining with South Indian cuisine as the most popular. Since not all of them are good in quality and hygiene, we have shortlisted the decent ones here for you and your kids:

    Saravanna Bhawan- Its one of the popular Indian vegetarian food restaurant chains. It has both North and South Indian cuisines available, however South Indian preparations are more authentic. The service is quick and food is low to medium spicy so the kids usually love it. Staff is very friendly with really good service.  Click here for details!


    Anjappar Indian Chettinad offers delicious cuisines of the famed Chettiars - another chain of restaurants quite famous for their non-veg briyanis (apart from the usual banana leaf meal) with an excellent aroma of spices. The food could be a bit spicy for kids but with their good selection of drinks, kids will enjoy it.  Click here for details!


  • Little India Festival Shopping In KL


    During all the Indian festivals, Little India is surely not to be missed due to its splended, colorful and bright decorations; music; food and the kind of festive and joyful ambiance that you would see all around. You can also buy all sorts of festive items for celebrations at your home with your adorable family right from Pongal, Holi, Rakshabandhan until Deepavali and Christmas.


    Miscellaneous: Whats more? You can also buy fresh flowers and beautiful garlands here for puja (worship). To add to the list, the place also has lots of Indian beauty parlors with reasonable prices for their services.


What Else:​

Little India, Brickfields Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Kuala Lumpur 50470, Malaysia Location Opening hours on Mondays to Sundays from 10am-9pm.

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