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Looking for a preschool with a difference? Alice Smith School is the go to for parents of preschoolers, thanks to their expertise and unique Early Years curriculum!

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Kids will love the innovatively designed Early Years Campus with two dedicated outdoor play areas, a discovery garden and nature trail. What’s more, all staff are highly qualified and include experienced teachers from the UK.

Give your preschooler the brightest of starts with Alice Smith!

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    A Playful Start

    In the Early Years Foundation Stage of Preschool and Reception, your child will learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking, which takes place both indoors and outdoors.

    A significant focus at Alice Smith in these age groups (3-5 years) is on the personal and physical development of children along with developing their language and ability to communicate. These are considered the prime areas of learning for  young students and play is critical to their development at this age.

    “When a child plays, they have no fixed agendas, no preconceived objectives that they are trying to cover, and therefore there are no limitations to what they can achieve,” says Mrs Robinson, the school's Reception Leader.

  • A Fun Learning Environment

    At the school’s innovatively designed Early Years Campus, children between the ages of 3 and 7 years can be found developing a love for reading, learning new languages amid a multinational student body, building detailed islands out of Lego and dancing to their favourite songs. Every educational activity is set in place with a purpose and each day calls for a new sense of accomplishment.

    Their unique learning environment offers spacious and stimulating outdoor areas that provide your child the opportunity to connect with the natural world.

    One of the school's parents, Rizwana, says, “When we toured the campus for the first time, it was great to see the different tools and materials the children were using in the classroom. It just looked like a really fun learning environment and most importantly, the children looked so happy and extremely comfortable.”

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    A Bespoke Curriculum

    At the Alice Smith School, staff bring an outstanding pedagogical sensitivity and a sophisticated understanding of what excellent learning and teaching looks and feels like.

    Their highly skilled and knowledgeable staff provide a challenging, rigorous, engaging and personalised curriculum for every child.

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