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Nickelodeon Slime Time At Sunway Pyramid

Malaysia’s First Ever Slime Experience In Sunway Pyramid!

2019 Mar 15

Nickelodean Slime Time

Is your kid into slime as much as every child in the world today, the neon green goo which has become synonymous with the ever-popular kid’s channel. This March Sunway Pyramid is bringing Nickelodeon Slime for the first time to hit the country!

From March 15-31 kids will be able to enjoy Nickelodeon’s iconic green slime, ideal with the school holiday coming up. Slip and slide your way to a world of fun this March at the Nickelodeon Slime Time.

The interactive slime experience comprises two play areas:

* One to have good clean fun!

* One to get down and dirty – and of course, slimy!

The Nickelodeon Slime Time will host activities including:

* Slime Shower- For The Ultimate Slime Experience! Only allows six participants at a time and requires pre-registration. Participants are encouraged to bring extra clothes to change and to remove their shoes before being drenched in the green gunk from head to toe.

* Slime Escape Room: participants will be given one minute to solve clues and locate the key to escape – those who complete it within the time limit will be rewarded with a special prize.

* Exterior of the Slime Escape Room: color intricate coloring walls with bold graphics ready for all to unleash your imagination!

* Slime Blaster: a slime shooting game with the Nickelodeon Hyper blaster where you can win cool prizes!

* Slime Workshop: learn how to make the gooey stuff (only held on weekends and requires pre-registration)

* Slime Slide: – participants can take their turns on the slimed-themed slides that come in three different heights.

For more information and to pre-register for a slime shower, click here!

Sunway Pyramid caters to all guests of all ages and sizes. There are many amenities to suit various needs, such as baby rooms, strollers, milk warmers, and family parking. For children’s safety, the mall also provides child wristbands, wrist links, and even an emergency contact tattoo.

March 15-31, 2019

Where To Find It:​

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