Taman Safari

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When you are ready to leave the concrete jungle and visit the real deal, Taman Safari is your best bet. Located less than 80 km from the Jakarta city center, Taman Safari is an oasis in the midst of the bustle and hustle of the Big Durian. As soon as you enter Taman Safari you are surrounded by a jungle vibe that doesn’t end until you leave the park. Lush soaring trees and stunning flora make Taman Safari the perfect abode to over 2,500 animals.  Sweet!

The highlights?

*  Drive-through Safari:  The first section of this humungous park includes a drive-through Safari where over 50 species can be observed. Cheeky monkeys and more than friendly zebras will come close to your car and try to win your graces in order to be fed. You are welcome to feed them as long as you don’t mind the mess, animals don’t always have the best manners. Kids will love to see the zebra’s stripes up close and friendly deer are happy to be petted in the head. The feline section is one to be reckoned with as tigers and lions will literally be a few feet away (keep your windows closed!).

*  Waterpark, Baby Zoo, & More:  Once the Safari adventure is done, the possibilities are endless. A waterpark, a Komodo dragon observatory, an aviary, a baby zoo, a bunch of amusement rides and even a penguin habitat are available for all to enjoy. Take a picture with a baby orangutan or baby tiger, catch an animal show, ride a camel, pony or elephant or take a picture with a bird on your head, if you want to be close and personal with the animals, Taman Safari is the place.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Animal encounters, photo-ops with orangutans and baby tigers, elephant and camel rides, it doesn’t really get any better than this for animal lovers and it’s just a two-hour drive from Jakarta!

Who It's Perfect For:

For the whole family, especially those with wild little things who love animals.

What Else:​

Make sure you buy some carrots and bananas on your way to the Safari if you want to feed the animals. Don’t forget to check the times for the different shows and if you want to feed the penguins do it early on during your visit since the feeding hours are restricted. If you want to know even more about nature conservancy and animal care, book the behind the scenes tour of the park.

Additional Info:​

Taman Safari

Jl. Raya Puncak No.601 Cisarua Jawa Barat, Bogor, Indonesia

+62 251 8250 000


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