Top English Classes For Kids In Jakarta

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Learning a new language is an incredible privilege and when it comes to becoming bilingual, it’s best to start them young! When choosing a second language for your child, note that the English language is still the most spoken language in the world. Being able to speak English fluently would definitely give your child an advantage in life. Little Steps has done their research to give parents in Jakarta a comprehensive list of all the best and the latest English learning options Jakarta and the surrounding area has to offer.

  • ENGLISH NEXT: All Over Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    English Next was founded in 2012 and has attracted many students from many different occupational backgrounds ever since. Their students vary from students from kindergartens, primary schools, high schools, and universities to working professionals. Finland has long had a reputation as an education powerhouse, with its long track record at the top of the world rankings, and proven results. The strength of the Finnish school system is that it offers equal learning opportunities, regardless of social background. Rather than a comparison between pupils, the focus is on supporting and guiding the weaker pupils.

    English Next, various locations in Jakarta, +6281210024800, englishnext.co.id

  • I CAN READ: All Over Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    The I Can Read Program was developed by educational psychologists, and it is student-centered. The program is taught by internationally qualified English Reading Specialists using the I Can Read method. Their classes focused, but also fun. They offer I Can Read courses for kids aged 2.5 - 6; 5 - 7 and 7 -12. Parents are kept informed of the progress their child has made, in the learning areas of each course.

    I Can Read, locations all over Jakarta. www.icanread.asia


    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    International Language (ILP), is one of the eldest English centers in Jakarta. Founded back in 1977, ILP now has more than 46 outlets all over Jakarta. They offer English programs to various ages, from 3 - 6 years, ILP Kids, ILP Teens, and even ILP Adults. Teaching with a modern twist, ILP is the solution to an after school language activity that is creative and interactive. Their programs follow CEFR International Standard and Cambridge ESQL.

    International Language Program, centers all over Jakarta, www.ilp.co.id

  • The British Institute English Class Jakarta

    THE BRITISH INSTITUTE (TBI): All Over Indonesia

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    Founded in 1984, The British Institue is the only organization in Indonesia that is certified by the University of Cambridge English to run CELTA training courses. Not only adults aspiring to be English teachers, but they also offer courses for young learners age 4-15. Private classes with native speakers from the UK are also possible.

    The British Institute, multiple locations in Indonesia, +6289628210290, tbi.co.id

  • English First EF Jakarta Class

    ENGLISH FIRST (EF): All Over Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    Widely known as EF, the English First is a language center for kids and adults. Founded in 1986, they take students as young as 3 years of age. Using their unique trademarked teaching method called the Efekta System and highly qualified teachers, they aim to enable students to effectively learn and master the English language.


    English First (EF), many locations in Indonesia, www.ef.co.id/englishfirst/kids

  • British Council Jakarta English Classes Kids


    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    Learning needs the right environment to flourish. And because the British Council is an expert in English education, their center in Jakarta has been specifically designed to help teachers teach and learners learn. This helps get the most out of each session with the whole class making real progress. Now, they took the same concept and brought the classes online! Kids' online classes are available for 6-year-olds and up.

    British Council Foundation Indonesia, Lotte Shopping Avenue 4#, Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.3/5, Jakarta. +62 (21) 298894 23 / 24 / 25, www.britishcouncilfoundation.id/en

  • Teens discussion Wall Street English Classes Jakarta

    WALL STREET ENGLISH: All Over Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    Wall Street English is a worldwide franchise for English courses for teens and adults. They take pride in their English-speaking community where members can practice communicating various topics of interest fully in English. Their courses not only teach you academics and grammar, but they also incorporate lifestyle communications into the program. Join either the WSE Club, WSE X, or WSE GO and take advantage of the facilities provided!

    Wall Street English, multiple locations in Jakarta, +6281317777564, www.wallstreetenglish.co.id

  • Boy In Kumon Class English Courses Jakarta For Kids

    KUMON: All Over Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    The Kumon Method is a world-famous after-school education center for math and English. Developed in Japan, Kumon offers two different programs for the English language: The EE program for native speakers, focusing on vocabulary building to enhance reading comprehension skills, and the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) for non-native speakers. Search for a Kumon Center near you.

    Kumon, all over Jakarta, id.kumonglobal.com

  • LB LIA Top English Classes Kids Jakarta

    LEMBAGA BAHASA LIA (LB LIA): All Over Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    Lembaga Bahasa LIA or LB LIA is a language center founded in 1959. It was called LIA (Lembaga Indonesia Amerika) then. Utilizing their Nine Core Elements for teaching, they aim to offer a high-quality and digital-based learning system. Classes are available for young kids starting at 4 years of age, all the way to adults. Aside from English, LB LIA also offers classes for foreigners who want to learn Indonesian or Korean.


    LB LIA, various locations in Indonesia, +62 813-7330-8484, lblia.com

  • PINGU'S ENGLISH: All Over Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    We are all familiar with the lovable kids’ TV character Pingu, an excellent English Program that was spun out of this tv program in 2008, and the success of Pingu’s English program has enabled them to expand across Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. This unique program combines English Language Teaching with entertainment and safe, happy learning environments in over 20 countries worldwide. They offer classes centered around the Antarctic adventures of Pingu for children aged 2 - 10+.

    Pingu's English, +622129363800, info@pingusenglish.co.idwww.pingusenglish.co.id

  • LOVE TO LEARN: West Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    Love To Learn is a preschool and enrichment center located on the West side of Jakarta. They have an after school English program for 3 - 6 years old and a continuous program for teens aged 12. This is a fantastic place if you and your kid prefer small classes. Featuring a unique curriculum called GrapeSEED, Love To Learn offers an excellent environment for students to build up auditory and verbal skill communication and gradually increase reading, spelling, and writing objectives. This style of teaching claimed to show a visible English skill improved within 6 months.

    Love To Learn, Apartment Puri Garden Lt. Mezzanine Kembangan, West Jakarta, Indonesia, +622158352467, lovetolearnindonesia.com

  • ENGLISH FASTER: All Over Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    English Faster, as the name may convey, focuses on the unique approach to teaching your kids English in a fun and accelerated way. They have classes for Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary. Their method called Faster Phonics is the acceleration program for Kindergarten kids to learn how to read, write, listen and speak English before they enter primary school. This program is designed using storybooks or Phonic Readers for kids to learn English in an effective yet fun way. Their courses are suitable for students following any curriculum: National, National Plus (Bilingual), and International school curriculum (Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE, and IB programs).

    English Faster, All Around Jakarta, +622122570001/02.  www.englishfaster.id

  • KC ENGLISH SPEAK UP: All Over Jakarta

    Top English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    KC English Speak Up is a center for children to learn the most global language in the world, English. At this center, they will learn how to express themselves. Their vision is to have children in Indonesia speak up confidently in English. This center is ideal for those who would like to improve their public speaking skills and build their confidence when it comes to expressing themselves in class and in public places.

    KC English Speakup, various locations in Jakarta, Indonesia, +622145874127, Facebook

  • Girl Taking Private ENglish Course ESQ

    ESQ ENGLISH: Private Classes

    Top Private English Courses In Jakarta For Kids

    If you are looking for a private class for your kids to learn English, go ahead and contact ESQ English! They have English private classes with certified teachers to develop students' speaking, reading, and writing skills. Being able to have the classes fit your schedule and place is a huge benefit. The course outline will be customized to your child's need so you can get the most out of class time.

    ESQ English, +6281322085865, esqcourse.com/private-course-for-kids/ 

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