Dapur Babah Peranakan Cooking Class For Kids And Adults

@ Dapur Babah

A wonderfully decorated hotel restaurant with a wide selection of food, Dapur Babah’s cuisine focuses on authentic Babah food, fusioned with Chinese, Indonesian and Dutch, with other influences here and there. From bitter ballen to hawker style meatball soup and Hokkien-style noodles, you and the kiddos are in for a treat! You must try the favorite crowd pleaser, nasi campur, a scoop of white rice accompanied by small portions of a number of other dishes, including meats, vegetables, eggs and more. Dapur Babah is the perfect place for a family dinner or a romantic date night out!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

An authentic Indonesian fusion experience.. what's not to love!

Who It's Perfect For:

Anyone, young and old, craving fusion culinary delights with a touch of zest!

What Else:​

To relive the Babah culture, Dapur Babah offers a private cooking class called Njonja Oei, ideal for one on one lessons or up to a group of six people.

Additional Info:​

Dapur Babah Elite

Jl. Veteran I/18 – 19 Central Jakarta, Indonesia

+62 21 385 5653



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