Do you have a home full of fussy eaters? Not quite sure how to make the transition from breastfeeding to weaning? Do the terrible two’s spill over into mealtime? No worries. Mealtime mania: sorted.

In a day filled with other things for Mommies to be anxious about, at least The Food Clinic has mealtimes covered. Whether you’re concerned about lowering cholesterol, losing weight, finding a happy-healthy balance in your meals or consciously treating health issues via nutrition, The Food Clinic will teach you healthy alternatives to your and your loved one’s love-hate food relationships. Serving as consultants to schools and often on your GP’s referral lists, The Food Clinic’s team of dieticians and psychologists can help steer even the fussiest eater onto the right path with their expert guidance and tried-and-tested tips to make healthy habits a piece of cake.

Not sure your tiny dictator is ready for a one-on-one assessment? Drop into a monthly Saturday Food Clinic, aimed toward children 2 years and older. Parents become equipped with easy methods to make food more amusing with fun food challenges, new food games and other ways to put the enjoyment back into eating for the whole family.