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Trippy And Fun Cafe Monochrome In Singapore

Singapore's First 2D Cafe!

Cafe Monochrome Singapore

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! Cafe Monochrome is Singapore’s first 2D cafe that looks right out of an artist’s illustration. 

Decked in white and black, the furnishing and paraphernalia in the cafe resemble roughly sketched drawings that blur the lines between what’s real and fake. While the concept isn’t new to Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, Cafe Monochrome still makes for a fun place to snap some trippy Instagram-worthy shots while we’re still unable to travel out of Singapore. 

Cafe Monochrome’s menu features Asian and Western fusion dishes such as Mentaiko Pasta (SG$13), Smoked Duck Donburi (SG$12), and Spicy Baked Fish (SG$12). Psst, don’t leave without trying their Youtiao Ice Cream (SG$6.50). As its name suggests, it’s a scoop of ice cream served atop a hot strip of crispy fried dough. Yum!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Cafe Monochrome is unlike your usual cafe setting, it’s a fun place to hang out with friends and family!

Who It's Perfect For:

People who are looking for a new Instagrammable cafe to check out.

What Else:​

The cafe also serves alcoholic drinks including Somaek (SG$25), Soju (SG$14), and Hite beer (SG$7).

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

Opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm. Closed every Monday.

Main Image Credit: Cafe Monochrome

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