Visit Banjar Hot Springs With Kids In North Bali

Get Soak in Holy Water

Take a delicious dip in the Banjar Holy Hot Springs (Air Panas Banjar) in North Bali. Whilst walking from the car park, it’s worth pausing at the many market stalls for souvenirs and snacks. There’s a small fee to enter the hot springs but once inside all is calm and contemplative. The naturally heated water flows into three stone pools where you can swim and chill out for hours. The pools themselves add to the atmosphere with the water spouting from a series of photogenic stone nagas (like a cross between snakes and dragons!). Stand underneath these spouts for a pummelling massage to your neck, back and shoulders whilst soaking up the sun!

All around is lush foliage, flowers and trees – it’s the perfect oasis. The water is beautifully warm – don’t be put off by the murky colour or slightly sulphurous smell! If you get too hot, cool down in the shower or loll around on the stone walls, reclining like a goddess.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

After soaking and relaxing amongst the pools, shower off then eat at the attached restaurant for surprising tasty Balinese bites.

Who It's Perfect For:

Lovers of lush outdoor, simple spas. Kids are allowed.

What Else:​

If you want to stay for longer, there's an adjacent resort with a jolly jungle feel.

Additional Info:​

Air Panas Banjar - Hot springs
Located near the village of Banjar, close to the Lovina area, Bali, Indonesia

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