In this increasingly digital world, it's become important for kids to have, at the very least, a basic understanding of electronics, programming, and coding. At RoboThink, they have made it their mission to provide kids with quality STEM education focused on these 21st-century skills.

While once only available in the classroom, young tinkerers, engineers, and builders can now access these first-rate learning programs online. RoboThink's online programs, led by a teacher in live time, are designed to be hands-on, engaging, and interactive. There's even a 'hand raising' feature. Each course consists of 4 sessions, each session being 1.5 hours, and the best part is, all you need is a computer and internet, no need to download or buy anything extra. They are currently offering 4 different programs; intro to coding, introduction and intermediate video game design, and intro to Python, with more coming soon!

Introduction To Coding: This course puts the 'fun' in fundamentals as students get to create programs and then customize them with backgrounds, sound effects, and animations. This is a good one for kiddos who have little to no experience with coding.

Video Game Design: Students in these programs will have the opportunity to create their own interactive games as well as re-create classic games such as Flappy Bird. Introduction and Intermediate courses are available.

Introduction To Python: In this course, students will learn the popular coding language, Python, through creating simple programs that can respond to a mouse or keyboard input.

Ready, set, CODE!