Hot off the press! Following the success of last year’s pop-up studio, Splat Paint House has opened a permanent art jamming location in Marymount, February 1, 2020. Art jamming is a no-rules art experience allowing you (the artist) to have the creative freedom to splat brightly colored paint on the canvas, the wall, and even each other! It’s pretty simple. Book a session online, suit up in some protective clothing, pick your colored paints, and splat that paint.

Splat Paint House, don’t believe in stifling your creativity, you are only limited by the space on your canvas and your paint supply. The canvas takes about 48 hours to dry, and then you are free to come back and pick up your masterpiece to hang in your home, note it is only stored for a maximum of 2 weeks.

The most basic package includes 45x50cm canvas, 400ml paints, 1 syringe,1 squirt bottle or water gun, as well as protective gear. And don’t worry, the paint is child-safe, making an art jamming session at Splat Paint House, perfect for those budding artists in your household!