Top Mountains To Hike With Kids

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Whether you’re seasoned hikers or families who like a weekend stroll, there are lots of places to hike across Asia depending on your age, ability and fitness level. Here are our top picks for mountains to trek with kids.

  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Mount-Rinjani-Lombok-Indonesia

    Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. It’s a live volcano, so treks are closely monitored for your family's safety. This is quite a difficult hike, so we recommend that only experienced hikers tackle this one, definitely one for tweens and teenagers with some hiking skills. There are lots of packages to choose from, so pick one that suits your fitness level. You will be carrying your own stuff, so make sure you pack the essentials and don’t get weighed down.



  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Doi-Inthanon-Thailand

    Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand, and we strongly recommend that kids do this with previous hiking experience. This mountain is part of the Himalayan mountain range, and it can get a little chilly as you’re so far up. Come here for bird watching and waterfall watching. If you do have small kids, they have an easier trail just nearby. Camp at the base and enjoy Thailand’s countryside.



  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Kota-Kinabalu

    According to UNESCO, this is one of the most prominent mountains in the world. There are two trails you can take depending on your ability and age of the kids. They recommend kids aged 10 and over are suitable for this climb as there are many steep slopes and numerous steps. If you book one of their packages, kids under 16 will be accompanied by their own guide.


    Kota Kinabalu,

  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Little-Adams-Peak

    Little Adam's Peak in Ella in Sri Lanka is a lush hike to take with the family, it is quite an easy climb and kids over the age of 5 who have a bit of hiking experience can most certainly hike it. The path up the hill to Little Adam`s Peak is easy to find and is marked by signs showing the way next to the 98 Acres Resort, to the right of this white Buddha and at the beginning of the path you will be greeted by tea picking ladies as you go through beautiful lush green tea plantations.


    Little Adam's

  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Cameron-Highlands

    There are many trails in the Cameron Highlands and they range greatly according to your ability and fitness level. Some are as easy as having a nice evening family stroll, while others will require a good level of fitness and previous hiking. Along the routes you will see tea plantations, temples and so much more. Get out of the city and head here for a cooler climate and some nice walks with the family.



  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Lunag-Prabang-Laos

    Another fantastic place to visit if you have small kids, as there are many treks to choose from. You can even mix it up and add biking or kayaking to your excursion. The scenery here is spectacular as you’re on the grounds of another UNESCO world heritage site. You will walk through beautiful mountains, stunning waterfalls, ethnic villages, homestays and jungle forests.


    Luang Prabang,

  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Batad-Rice-Phillippines

    Often called the eighth wonder of the world, these rice terraces are easy enough to hike if your kids have a good fitness level. There are lots of different treks to choose from depending on your ability and how long you want to be out for. As well as seeing farmers at work, you’ll also see traditional tribes which live at the foot of the terrace. This is indeed a hike to remember!


    Batad Rice Terraces,

  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Rangitoto-New-Zealand

    Rangitoto is a lovely hike to do with kids. They will adore the ferry ride over and take in the views of Auckland. For the family to enjoy, there is walking, hiking, fishing, camping, sea kayaking and so much more. There are lots of hikes to choose from, but we like the walk to the summit. Here you get a breathtaking view of Auckland below and the surrounding bays. Take in the local flora and fauna, and see how many lizards you can spot.


  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Blue-Mountains-Australia

    The Blue Mountains are a short train ride or dive out of Sydney. Here you can enjoy a plethora of activities from hiking, to abseiling to cycling and so much more. There is plenty to do for the family. So little legs or not, everyone is guaranteed a fun time. There are easy hikes, a botanic garden, tree adventures, tours, biking and so much more the kids will love.


    The Blue Mountains,

  • Top-Mountains-To-Hike-With-Kids-All-Cities-Sapa-Vietnam

    An excellent spot with kids of all ages. Little ones can be hoisted upon your backs, or those with energy to burn can happily walk next to you. You’ll go trekking through padi fields and see locals working. There are easy treks for young children and more difficult ones for older kids. We love Sapa Sisters who provide family-friendly guides for you. They will arrange everything from getting you from Hanoi, organizing the homestay and telling you everything you need to know about the trek.


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