Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

Within Asia And Beyond!

Who said the adventures had to stop when the kiddies were born? No sir-ree…they only get better! If you are craving adventures on the roads (or lack thereof) less traveled, read on and get sorted with nature adventures from Borneo to Africa. Journey on young ones, there is a whole lot of world out there to explore! That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most exciting nature-related and eco-friendly holiday destinations for the entire family.

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  • ELEPHANT TREKKING & MOHOUT TRAINING: Chaing Rai, Thailand *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    Get Up Close With Elephants

    Perched high on the jungle-clad hills on Thailand’s border overlooking Myanmar and Laos, this property offers elephant trekking for families.  The in-house Elephant Conservation Centre offers a chance for you to get up close with the resident elephants. Try your hand at Mahout Training where you learn to “drive” the elephants with the basic commands and actions or, once the weather does get too hot, cool off with the playful creatures in the river. Trekking is suitable for children of any age, provided they are accompanied by parents.  Mahout training is best for kids age 12 and above.

  • FUJI HAKONE IZU NATIONAL PARK: Japan *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    Enjoy Some Of Japan's Most Scenic Views

    One of the most visited parks in Japan, Fuji Hake Izu National Park is a family-friendly holiday spot which you can visit on your next trip to Japan. The park itself is split into four areas: Mount Fuji and its scenic surroundings, the Hake hot springs, Izu Peninsula and the Izu Islands. This means there's lots to explore and see, including soaking in the wondrous views of Mount Fuji; checking out Owakudani, a valley of sulphurous vents; and kayaking along the Izu Peninsula coastline.

  • VISIT A MOOSE SAFARI: Norway *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    Maybe You'll Get To See Moose Under The Northern Lights

    There are many guided moose safari tours available in Norway, and the aim is to let travelers experience seeing these majestic creatures up close in the wild. The local guides are there to help navigate through huge forests so that it'll up your chances of seeing moose. They've even got night-time moose safari for those who would like to try spotting moose under the northern lights - definitely a breathtaking scene to behold. Do note that these moose are wild creatures, and it is advised to keep a safe distance from them throughout the safari tour.

  • ORANGUTANS IN BORNEO: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    Get To Experience Water Sports As Well

    Located on one of the best beaches in Kota Kinabalu, the Shangri-La Rasa Ria is a kids’ tropical haven. Along with facilities like tennis courts, an endless array of water sports and an excellent kids club to keep the tiny tots busy, the resort also comes with its very own nature reserve. The indisputable highlights of the reserve, however, are meeting with the orphaned baby orangutans, part of a local rehabilitation effort. It'll be a wonderful spot for your upcoming family holiday as the kiddos get a chance to befriend some baby orangutans.

  • CLIMB MOUNT HALLASAN: Jeju, South Korea *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    As Well As Other Outdoor Attractions

    Jeju, South Korea is an amazing island for a family getaway. There are numerous nature parks and outdoor attractions to keep everyone occupied for at least a full week. For starters, Hallasan National Park has a kid-friendly Yeongsil Trail that rewards you with stunning views. You can also visit the Manganggul Cave for a fascinating underground walk through the lava cave, formed around 8,000 to 10,000 years ago. For a calming afternoon, drop by the Seogwipo Forest of Healing, where you'll be surrounded by lush greenery and ample benches within the forest where you can lie down to enjoy being immersed in nature.

  • EXPERIENCING THE BIG 5 IN AFRICA: South Africa *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    Observe Animals In Their Natural Habitat

    Jaci’s Safari Lodge offers everything from a kids’ menu, rooms built for big families, swimming pools and childminding services.  What makes the lodge extra special are the “Family Safaris” that enable children from aged 5+ to go on game drives together with mum and dad and – not forgetting the tiny tots – the “Jungle Drives” for kids aged 4 and under. It'll be an amazing experience for both the kids and adults to witness animals in their natural habitats up close, and will surely become a wonderful core memory for the little ones.

  • SURROUNDED BY NATURE: Mai Chau, Vietnam *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    Experience Sleeping In A Stilt House

    How would you like to take a break from city life and completely immerse yourself in nature? Mai Chau is a wonderful travel destination to experience this, as you'll be surrounded by nothing but lush greenery and rolling rice paddies out here. Besides being able to explore the place and learn more about the ethnic way of life here, you can also opt for a homestay experience and sleep in a stilt house. Imagine how calming it'll feel when you wake up in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature.

  • SWIMMING WITH WHALE SHARKS: Sal Salis, Western Australia *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    Best For Young Thrill Seekers

    If your children love the great outdoors, this is the place to be! Just an hour drive south of Exmouth, you can go for walks along Cape Range National Park’s spectacular gorges or embark on the many sea adventures that the dazzling waters of Ningaloo Reef have to offer. From sea kayaking and snorkeling to swimming with the Whale Sharks - a must for the little thrill seekers! This holiday is best for kids age 8 and above who are strong and independent swimmers.

  • VISIT THE CHOCOLATE HILLS: Bohol, The Philippines *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    And Other Family-Friendly Attractions

    The Chocolate Hills is Bohol's most iconic attraction, and is made up of over a thousand cone-shaped hills covered in a gorgeous brown color. The hills are also accessible to public to climb - if that is something the family feels up for. Besides enjoying the view of the Chocolate Hills, Bohol itself has a bunch of family-friendly activities that you can indulge in. They have a Tarsier Sanctuary where you'll get to see small primates, the Hinagdanan Cave where you can go swimming, and even islands where you can check out fish and corals as you snorkel.

  • VISIT DIFFERENT ISLANDS: Palau *Best Nature And Eco Trips With Kids To Take Right Now

    A Variety Of Outdoor Activities To Explore

    There are so many things you can do and explore in Palau. For starters, you can visit Babeldaob, the largest island in Palau, which has beautiful landscapes, and you can engage in activities like hiking, bird watching and kayaking. Rock Islands is a great place for activities like snorkeling and kayaking, and is famous for its rock formations - hence the island's name. Famous places you can visit here include the Jellyfish Lake and Blue Corner dive site. Kayangel on the other hand has crystal clear waters and a traditional village where you can learn more about the traditions of its people.

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