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6 Great Summer Schools For Global Learning In Asia

Global Learning Trips For Families

6 Great Summer Camps - SONEVA FUSHI - Get Creative - Maldives

Summer Holidays are a must for all families to recharge the batteries, but there are plenty of great holidays where the children can return from their break a little bit smarter. Just slip some sneaky education into your next trip with these unique ideas from the luxury travel experts at Lightfoot Travel.

  • PAWS UP, USA: If Your Kids Love Adrenalin Pumping Fun

    This luxury ranch in the wilderness of Montana is one huge playground. The site features two kids’ clubs – Little Discoverers (age 3 - 5) and Adventure Club (age 6 - 12) – and both offer endless activities. Join up this summer and they can enjoy horse riding, fitness trails, and zip-line rides, and during the winter months, there’s ice skating and luge-style sledding on the timetable. Book your family into one of the lodges or go all out in one of the glamorous tents which is beautifully decked out in a mountain setting.

  • ZARAFA CAMP, BOTSWANA: If Your Kids Love Cute Animals

    Nature loving children aged eight to 15 can get their hands dirty and become conservation warriors on the Great Plains Young Explorers Programme at Zarafa Camp in Botswana. Kids can combine lessons in wildlife awareness and conservation with hands-on experiences such as bush tracking, treasure hunting and cooking in the great outdoors. As the Selinda Reserve is home to leopard, lion, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, zebra and giraffe there’ll be plenty to see. What’s more, they can share their experiences with other mini eco-warriors from around the world over dinner. Lucky them!

  • 6 Great Summer Camps - SONEVA FUSHI - Get Creative - Maldives

    SONEVA FUSHI, MALDIVES: If Your Kids Love Being Creative

    At Soneva Fushi in the Maldives, you can concentrate on sussing out the best place to lay on your sun deck while your children head to The Den. The envy of every parent who visits this Robinson Crusoe-esque resort, The Den is a super cool and cultured kids’ playground. Here, they can learn how to DJ from a DJ booth, play musical instruments, paint, build Lego, cook, and more. By the time you leave, they’ll have developed unprecedented skills that are best picked up in paradise. It’s free for guests aged four and up.

  • CROSSING THE SEA, GREECE: If Your Kids Love The Water

    Luxury yacht meets fabulous floating kids’ club on Crossing The Sea, a flotilla which specializes in family sailing and journeys around the islands of Greece and comes with its own yacht for kids. At this mini mariners kids’ club, tots can learn how to read the wind, maneuver the rudder and tie knots, as you travel from Skiathos to Skopelos via Peristera. They can enjoy water sports or take part in treasure hunts when they go ashore. There’ll be no worries about the children’s diet as they’ll be treated to mini Mediterranean dishes prepared by the Kids’ Club crew.

  • ROCCO FORTE VERDURA RESORT, ITALY: If Your Kids Love Football/Soccer

    It’s no surprise that the showstopping Rocco Forte Verdura Resort in Sicily comes with one of the best kids’ clubs around. The purpose-built Verduland features a science lab, cooking school, arts, and crafts zone, heated outdoor pool and video games room. The club is open to children from newborn to 12 years old. Tiny babies (newborns - 3 years) have their own nap zone and dedicated playroom. On top of this, Rocco Forte Verdura Resort is also home to six sports academies, including one run by Juventus Football Club.

  • BATU BATU, MALAYSIA: If Your Kids Love Helping Others

    Take your brood to Batu Batu in Malaysia, a private resort that’s home to coconut groves, white sandy beaches, and Hawksbill turtles. After spending the day enjoying blissed-out beach time, your children can join Batu Batu’s conservation team at the Turtle Watch Camp. From March until December, all members of the family can sign up for a week as volunteers at TWC and become fully immersed in the conservation process – from checking the hatchery at night to helping with underwater cleanups and data collection. Learning has never been so much fun!

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