Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2023 In Singapore

Practical And Fun Gifts For The Superman Of The House!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we’ve got a great line-up of gift ideas just for the man of the house! From tech gadgets to a special staycation experience, you’re all set to spoil Dad on his big day. We guarantee he’ll love any one of these from our list, so shop away!

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  • A FAMILY-FRIENDLY STAYCATION: The Westin Singapore *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Retail Locations

    Treat dad (and the family) to a staycation at The Westin Singapore! It’ll be a great opportunity for pops to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing him a couple days of respite. The Westin Singapore even has a family package that comes with awesome treats for the kids like complimentary popsicles, a play tent in the room, and paper clay DIY kits that the little ones can entertain themselves with.

    The Westin Singapore, 12 Marina View, #2 Asia Square Tower, Singapore 018961,

  • AIRPODS PRO: Apple *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Online Shop + Delivery In Singapore + Retail Locations

    If dad is a fan of Apple gadgets, why not get him a pair of AirPods Pro. These are perfect if he usually needs some time immersed in his own world with their noise-cancelling function, allowing him a short break from his busy life. There are also four different silicone ear tip sizes to choose from, and you can engrave a personalized word or emoji on the case for pops, making it more unique and special. Any tech geek dad is gonna adore this personalized gift.

    Apple, Various Locations,

  • KAYAK & CYCLE AROUND PULAU UBIN: Asian Detours *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Online Shop + Retail Locations

    Is dad an outdoor person? If yes, why not book him a full day kayak and cycle session around Pulau Ubin! The two of you can have fun and spend some quality time together while bonding over the activities. You'll be treated to a wonderful scenic view during the entire experience, and there might even be cool bird or animal sightings along the way. You can even get the whole family to join if they're up for it, and the minimum age requirement is 7 years old.

    Asian Detours,

  • THE PERFECT MEN'S MULTI: Olly *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Online Shop + Delivery In Singapore

    These gummy vitamins are an awesome gift for dad since they contain vital nutrients to support men's health. Inside these gummies is a mix of of vitamins C,A,D,E,Bs, Zinc and CoQ10. It's also gluten-free and contains no artificial flavoring. Since these gummy vitamins are so easy to consume, it'll make dad more open to eating them daily and he'll probably be less prone to forgetting his vitamins as well since they're actually yummy!


  • AN EXTRAVAGANT CAKE: Swensen's *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Online Shop + Delivery In Singapore + Retail Locations

    Celebrate Father’s Day as a family with a beautiful cake! At Swensen's, they've got a really cute Gentleman Ice Cream Cake that'll be perfect for dad, and the best part is that everyone can enjoy it together. It's made from their signature Sticky Chewy Chocolate flavor combined with a chocolate ganache crumble base. The cake also comes with a complimentary thermal bag.

    Swensen's, Various Locations,

  • PERSONALIZED FAMILY RECIPE BOARD: Uncommon Goods *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Online Shop + Delivery In Singapore

    If dad has a huge love for cooking and creating his own recipes, this personalized family recipe board might be a lovely gift for him! You get to engrave his special recipes on a maple or cherry wood cutting board, which is a really unique way to preserve a recipe and also showcase it to the world!  It'll also make for a sentimental gift that dad is definitely going to appreciate. All you have to do when purchasing this gift online is to submit a scanned image of your recipe card or submit a typed recipe.

    Uncommon Goods,

  • NECK MASSAGER PILLOW: OTO *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Online Shop + Delivery In Singapore + Retail Locations

    Dad works hard, and it's essential for him to have some time to wind down and relax. The Soothie ST-008 Neck Massager is a wireless massager that can help with any aches your pops experiences at the end of the day. There are also three different strength levels that dad can choose from, and the massager is also equipped with an anti-clockwise and clockwise kneading options which you can select with its direction button.

    OTO, Various Locations,

  • COFFEE ROASTING & BRUNCH: The Sundowner *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Online Shop + Retail Locations

    If dad is a coffee lover, you can sign both you and him up for a special coffee roasting class! At The Sundowner, you'll get hands-on experience of making your coffee from scratch in a 1.5 hour workshop meant for casual coffee enthusiasts. There'll also be some experimenting with different brewing techniques, and the session ends with a brunch where you can sip and enjoy your handmade coffee. The workshop is also pet-friendly, so you can bring your family pet along - something we're sure is gonna make dad really excited!

    The Sundowner,

  • BEER GIFT BOX: Thirsty *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Online Shop + Delivery In Singapore

    If your dad loves kicking back with a can of cold beer after a long day, get him one of the gift boxes from Thirsty! Their beers are from different countries around the world, and some are even from Singapore - it's a great opportunity for dad to try new beers while you also get to show him your appreciation with this thoughtful gift. Top it off with a complimentary gift message that dad will surely be touched by!


  • PERSONALIZED APRON: Misty Daydream *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Online Shop + Delivery In Singapore

    Another unique gift for the king of the kitchen, this personalized apron for dad allows you to add his name to the design - making it a really special and thoughtful present! There are a variety of colors available to choose from, and the apron is 73cm in height excluding the straps. It's also very functional with six pockets in the front and adjustable straps. Besides choosing the color of the apron, you also get to select the color of the font, making it a truly customisable gift!

    Misty Daydream,

  • PAD 5: Xiaomi *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas 2023 In Singapore

    For Dads Who Love Gadgets

    Does your father love catching up on the newest Netflix releases by binge watching them on his phone in bed until the wee hours of the morning? With the Pad 5, he no longer has to squint while using his tiny phone screen and can enjoy watching his favorite shows all night long via Xiaomi's Pad 5.  Since it's so portable, he can also bring it out with him and enjoy on the go a bunch of apps he wishes to download. Gifting a new gadget to your dad will surely make him excited and allow him to enjoy using tech a lot more.


  • TEA APPRECIATION: Tea Chapter *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas 2023 In Singapore

    Tea Session In A Zen Tea House

    Do you and dad both love tea? Why not book him a tea appreciation session at Tea Chapter, where you both not only get to unwind and sip tea, but can also spend some time together and bond for a couple of hours. At Tea Chapter, there are three types of seatings you can choose from, and a whole diverse range of tea flavors you can try. There are even snack options like cookies and rice balls that you can enjoy with your tea. All in the all, it'll be a therapeutic session at this beautiful tea house.

    Tea Chapter, 9 Neil Rd, Singapore 088808,

  • MASSAGE CHAIR: Sterra *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    High-Quality Massage Chairs With Amazing Technology

    Pamper dad with a new massage chair this Father's Day! Sterra carries a nice range of high-quality massage chairs that feature varying functions, and the brand has gotten thousands of 5-star reviews thus far. They have massage chairs that are sleek, and others that provide full-body massages, as well as NodeTech™ for 3D kneading that feel just like real-life hands massaging your neck and back. You can select the massage chair that contains the most suitable functions for dad and the family, and the brand has 15-days money back guarantee as well as fast and free delivery.


  • COFFEE MACHINE: Delonghi *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    A Large Range Of Coffee Machines To Choose From

    If your dad can't live without his daily caffeine fix, then maybe it's time to get him a coffee machine from Delonghi! They have a massive range of different coffee machines that cater to all kinds of coffee lovers, such as fully automatic coffee machines, pump espresso coffee machines and drip coffee machines. Choose one depending on the needs and preferences of both pops and the family, but all machines produce high-quality barista-worthy coffee. They've even got several coffee machine accessories if you'd like to add something special to your gift.


  • FRAGRANCES: The LAB *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    High-Quality Vegan Perfumes

    These handmade high-quality fragrances are a wonderful gift for your dad on Father's Day. Each one is unique and fresh at purchase, made from plant-based ingredients and vegan. Each bottle of fragrance also features a label with the name of the wearer on it - a nice personalized touch, especially when it's meant as a gift! They have a nice range of fragrances available, including Earl Grey, Ginger and Agarwood, among others.

    The LAB, 250 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238905,

  • CUSTOMIZED WOODCRAFT: Arthur Zaaro *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Quality Woodcraft Made Locally

    Your dad might appreciate one-of-a-kind woodcraft this Father's Day! From cutting boards and lighting to large wooden tables, Arthur Zaaro produces high-quality woodcraft, and you can even head down to their showroom to check it out in person. If you want to get something small, there are custom engraved boards where you can engrave a monogram. For something bigger, you can get a customized table for dad and the family.

    Arthur Zaaro, 122 Eunos Ave 7, #08-07 Richfield Industrial Centre, Singapore 409575,

  • FINEST CHOCOLATE: Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Many Types Of Chocolate Flavors Available

    Does Dad have a sweet tooth? At Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie, you'll probably be able to find a suitable Father's Day gift! For starters, they're local chocolates that are made fresh daily and come in different wonderful flavors. They have Father's Day gift sets filled with bonbons that contain alcohol, and some of those sets even come with a bottle of alcohol. There's also a build-a-box option that allows you to mix and match various flavors into either a box of 6 or 12.

    Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie, 3 Dempsey Rd, #01-03/04, Singapore 249674,

  • POETIC EXPERIENCES: The Novel Encounter *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    Customized Poetry

    Looking for a unique and sweet gift for dad this Father's Day? Why not get a customized typewritten poem from The Novel Encounter? They believe in celebrating the human experience with a nostalgic touch, and offer products like mystery books as well as customized poems. Their poems are usually written using certain keywords or a backstory so that they can personalize it in the best way possible. Don't you think that'll make a perfect gift for someone as special as dad?

    The Novel Encounter,

  • BLUE CRYSTAL EYEWEAR: The Rocket Eyewear Company *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas In Singapore

    For Eye Protection And Fashion

    If dad is pretty outdoorsy, he'll appreciate a new pair of sunglasses! These Blue Crystal sunglasses from The Rocket Eyewear Company not only feature blue polarized lenses, they're also trendy and fashionable. It's available in the standard "European" fit and raised "Asian" fit, depending on your dad's face shape and features. You can also decided between the original and tailored frames, and their website contains full measurements for a better gauge.

    The Rocket Eyewear Company,

  • WATER PURIFIER: Wells Singapore *Top Father's Day Gift Ideas 2023 In Singapore

    Water Purifier And Dispenser For The Whole Family

    A water purifier is the perfect gift for dad, and it benefits the rest of the family as well since everyone can use it together! Wells Singapore provides some of the best water purification choices, and their range of water purifiers allows you to not only adjust water amount, it also adjusts water temperature and dispenses hot, cold and room temperature water. There are also many other smart functions available on each of their different water dispensers, and there's even a mini option for households that prefer a more minimal option.

    Wells Singapore,

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