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Where To Buy Christmas Trees In Singapore

Where To Buy Real, Artificial, And Recycled Fir!

It might be hard for some to get your head around a tropical Christmas, but Singapore doesn’t hold back when it comes to the festive spirit. With decorations adorning the streets and shops along Orchard Road already, it’s time to think about the all-important Christmas tree. Whether it’s the smell of a fresh tree that gets you into the holiday cheer or you prefer the practicality of an artificial tree, we have the low-down on where to find your perfect Christmas spruce or fir!  This list includes popular places to buy Christmas Trees such as Ikea and Cold Storage as well as wholesale flower shops stocking live trees.


    Noble Fir - Loved for its studier branches to hold heavier ornaments, Noble Firs are fast becoming popular, with its deep bluish-green needles.

    Norwegian Spruce – A classic Christmas tree, but it's is prone to dropping its needles so don’t buy it too far before the big day.

    Nordmann Fir – This species is a tad more expensive, but is less likely to shed its needles. It has more space between branches, perfect for bigger decorations.

    Blue Spruce – This is the most expensive option, so make sure you look after it! It has a strong smell, short firm needles, and has a beautiful silvery blue color.


    Far East Flora - Freshest Noble Fir Christmas Trees available.

    Bedok Garden & Landscaping - Quality trees at great prices.

    Candy Floriculture - Fresh-cut Nordmann Firs are now on sale!

    Island Landscape & Nursery - More Noble Firs available here!

    Prince's Landscape & Construction - Opt for Fire-Retardant Treatment for your tree.

  • FAKE IT:

    IKEA - Reasonably priced and various sizes available for the Fejka range.

    Masons Home Decor - Perfectly green, hyper-realistic Xmas trees!

    Vanda Win - A one-stop shop for artificial trees, decorations, and displays.

    Tangs - A whole floor Christmas shop, including trees and trims. Check website for updates.

    Robinsons - Faux trees, glittery ornaments, sparkly fairy lights! Check website for updates.


    Lim Hock Swee Trading Co. - Tons of trees and the store is brimming with all kinds of tinsel and ornaments.

    801 Geylang Road, Singapore 389684

    +65 6744 2266/9683 3138


    Henry Christmas Wholesale - As the name suggests, it's a wholesaler for everything you need to bring in the Xmas cheer. Lots of trees and ornaments at bargain prices.

    734 Geylang Road, Singapore 389645


    Seah Soon Chee X'mas Decoration Mfr Pte Ltd - Small store with the necessary essentials.

    635 Geylang Road, Singapore 389567

    +65 6747 4928


    Oncor Recycled Trees - Made from 100% recycled PVC plastic.


    Tips for Keeping Your Live Christmas Tree Fresh in Singapore:

    • With proper care, the average fresh Christmas tree can last at least five to six weeks in Singapore's tropical climate.
    • Make a cut or drill holes around the bark of the base and sit the tree in water.
    • Keep water topped up and add ice cubes once a day to the base.
    • Avoid placing the tree near direct sunlight.
    • Check for worn Christmas tree lights to prevent fire hazards and unplug the tree at night.
    • Choose ornaments suitable for your tree. Strong branches like the Noble Fir can hold up heavy ornaments compared to other species.
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