Between board game cafés and escape rooms, there are indeed many things to do in Singapore. But instead of been-there-done-that experiences, why not bring the kids and the family for an experience like no other? Recently reopened at Southside Sentosa, HeadRock VR is a full-fledged Virtual Reality themed park that boasts 8 various adventures AND a kids’ media interactive zone!

Strap yourselves in and get transported into other worlds for hours of newfound fun with the fam, taking on themed adventures categorized according to two thrilling zones from mild to challenging. To escape from the local weather, dive headfirst into the Storm Blizzard adventures where you’ll brave a powerful snowstorm. If your little ones are into the paranormal, let them bust out zombies to survive the apocalypse at Zombie Busters. Up for an adventure. Hop on for a ride up to secret treasure island in the skies at Extreme Train. Younger kids will particularly like the Jungle Rafting adventure, which provides all of the rafting fun without getting drenched!

Ticket prices for packages start at SG$40 (for three rides) to SG$75 (for seven rides). Find out more here. Book your slots here