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The Perse School Singapore is a Cambridge International School following the Cambridge Primary Program while incorporating Singapore Mathematics, daily Mandarin classes, English, Science, Geography, History, Digital Literacy and more.

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Their curriculum embeds the school’s values, skills and knowledge as well as building on traditions and widening pupils’ horizons and experiences. By taking in a modest number of pupils each year, they create a nurturing environment where children can thrive, enabling them to gain confidence and lifelong friendships.

From Year 3, each subject is taught by subject-specific trained teachers, providing depth and passion to each subject. Their teachers deliver pastoral and social programs to strengthen children’s emotional understanding and resilience to support the development of The Perse values.

The Perse School Singapore may be a small school, but they have big ideas! By focusing on their core offering, inclusive admissions and careful curriculum planning, The Perse School Singapore maximizes educational opportunities for all pupils.

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    Mathematics Curriculum

    The mathematics curriculum is based on the Cambridge syllabus and the conceptual ‘Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract’ approach of Singapore Maths. By marrying the two, they strive to enable pupils to see the relevance of Mathematics in everyday life, apply the concepts learned, and solve problems requiring higher-order thinking skills once they have built a strong foundation.

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    English Curriculum

    In English class, pupils are taught to read using Sounds-Write, an accredited phonics scheme that provides teachers with a comprehensive system to teach reading, spelling, and writing. They are the only school in Asia to adopt the Kinetic Letters program, where pupils learn handwriting and letter formation through movement and multisensory experiences.

  • Chinese Letters Perse Singapore

    Chinese Curriculum

    At The Perse School Singapore, daily Mandarin lessons aim to enable pupils to acquire functional language use. Their dual-track system – Standard Mandarin and Mandarin as a Foreign Language – renders different outcomes in terms of language proficiency and cultural appreciation, with real-life contexts anchored in the course.

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