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Best Teachers In Singapore – Teachers Who Rock SG

Singapore’s Finest

Teachers Who Rock Singapore - JUDAH ROSALIJOS - BibiNogs Preschool KA

We all remember our favorite teachers from school as they are the real inspiration behind the education system. This year, we want to celebrate Singapore’s teachers and we are rolling out our ongoing initiative – Teacher’s Who Rock Singapore!  Meet them, understand what makes them awesome, and share their fabulous accomplishments. What’s more? This is an ongoing initiative so if you have a teacher that rocks – you can nominate them right here, right now.  Enjoy!

  • BEN COOPERMAN: Canadian International School

    S.T.E.A.M. plays an integral part of a student’s education at CIS and Ben has been a major contributor in creating greater awareness and interest in this program at the Tanjong Katong campus. Recognized as an expert in his field, he works regularly with teachers from other schools in helping them implement their own S.T.E.A.M. programs. Ben has inspired CIS students of all ages to contribute to the school community and help make a difference. His engaging, hands-on classes have motivated students to think creatively, make connections and convert their ideas into products that have genuine, real-world value.


    Canadian International School, www.cis.edu.sg/steam

  • NURLIYANA MUHIDDIN: Singapore Odyssey The Global Preschool - Wilkinson

    Liyana not only engages her kids meaningfully in their learning, she also genuinely cares for each one of them. She is open to feedback and never stops in her quest for continuous learning, collaborating with everyone, in the process. She is tactful in her communication with others and maintains good relationships with parents and colleagues. As a leader, she will take time to build bonds and listen to concerns of her team, be it work-wise or for personal matters.


    Singapore Odyssey The Global Preschool - Wilkinson, http://theodyssey.sg/

  • PRISCILLA PRIYA: Blue House Nursery & International Preschool

    Priscilla Priya is upbeat and her passion for the Reggio Emilia curriculum is felt throughout the school community. She is a dedicated and passionate teacher who always puts the interests of her students first. Giving them the best possible education is of the utmost importance to her.


    Blue House Nursery & International Preschool, www.bluehouseinternational.com


  • YUKAKO KAWAGUCHI: Blue House Nursery & International Preschool

    Ms Yukako is supportive, reliable, thoughtful, much loved and a valued member of the teaching team. In fact, her colleagues have asked - can we clone her?  She is a specialist in working with children under 3. She recognizes them as capable, curious and with a great desire to connect with the world and she facilitates that learning process. She challenges their thoughts, ideas, and insights with open-ended questions, allowing children to be the protagonists of their own learning, to feel empowered through the process and grow each and every day from the experiences offered. This is a rare and unique talent that is highly valued and of such great benefit to children.


    Blue House Nursery & International Preschool, www.bluehouseinternational.com

  • MS LISA: White Lodge - West Coast Branch

    Lisa is dedicated and always ready to go the extra mile to ensure she delivers the best learning experience to the children. Lisa is resourceful, always updates her knowledge, and continuously refreshes her materials and researches the latest teaching trends to ensure her teaching methods are the most up to date for every child's personal and academic success.


    White Lodge - West Coast Branch, https://whitelodge.edu.sg/

  • Teachers Who Rock Singapore - JUDAH ROSALIJOS - BibiNogs Preschool KA

    JUDAH ROSALIJOS: BibiNogs Preschool KA

    Teacher Judah is an innovative educator who is constantly looking for new and interesting ways for kids to learn. She is always seen researching new activities for the kids and has the initiative to make her classroom a better place. For Mother's Day, Judah even knitted hand towels for the mommies, which made them so happy! She enjoys playing her ukulele in class which the kids love listening to.


    BibiNogs Preschool KA, http://bibinogs.com/

  • SRI RAHAYU: Arts Kidz International Pre-School

    As an innovative and creative Class Teacher/Curriculum Coordinator, Ms Sri is a forward thinker who sees the need for young children to develop technological skills for the 21st century. Ms Sri demonstrates her imagination and creativity through her skilled stage management. She assists both children and teachers during the annual Arts Kidz Concert and Art Show.


    Arts Kidz International Pre-School, www.artskidz.com.sg/


  • GRAHAM FRANKLIN: GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

    Graham is one of the founding faculty members and has previously worked at GWA Dubai so he understands GEMS as an organization. He is an excellent teacher and Grade level leader. Graham is always innovative with key strengths in Mathematics, Literacy and IT. Graham is beyond doubt an asset to GWA Singapore!


    GEMS World Academy (Singapore), www.gwa.edu.sg/


Additional Info:​

Nominate A Teacher Who Rocks Click here!
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