5 Reasons Kids Should Start Coding

Technology For Tots To Teens!


From Robots to Racing Cars, from Space to Spies, and more… what is not to love about learning how to code. Everyone is talking about the importance of kids learning coding and there is plenty to back up why. Read on for more understanding with these top 5 reasons your tot or teen should start coding today. It’s a changing world out there – get involved.


    Technology sharpens the way you think, especially the problem-solving skills, these are skills that the answer key or the teacher can't show you.


    The advantage of learning coding and robotics for kids is that there is no one way to fix the problem, the result can be reached in a thousand ways. Teachers help give kids the tools to come up with their own solutions but there is no "right" way.


    This means that kids get to think up their own set of solutions without "interference", it's their own creativity and imagination that counts, not the teachers. This helps their overall intelligence, trial and error is very important, and it helps them to think logically. Trying a few solutions helps you to make an educated guess.


    There's no such thing as "too early" for younger kids, they focus on showing theories using experiments. Coding and robotics helps kids develop a real interest in math and sciences, setting them up for success later on. The majority of future jobs will be STEM related, so an exposure at this age helps kids develop an understanding of the role of technology. Kids at any age like to create something out of nothing, just like future engineers.


    Some people picture coding as a solitary activity, but they like to emphasize the social aspect of learning these new skills. Coding and robotics are not developed in a vacuum; experimenting side by side in class helps kids push themselves and have fun. If you're trying to code a game, and your friend has figured out something you haven't then the next step is collaboration. Those big tech companies in Silicon Valley have employees who work together to try to create something new and exciting. No one succeeds by themselves, that's why the collaborative nature of coding and tech classes is a big part of how they see success in students.

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