Top Gynecologists And OB/GYN Specialists In Singapore

For Fertility, Pregnancy, And Other Women's Health Support

best gynaecologists and OBGYN specialists in singapore

Singapore is renowned for its world-class healthcare, and women’s health doctors and specialists are definitely included in this. For expecting mothers, women exploring fertility support, or any other OBGYN-related health issue, having professional support is necessary. We’ve done some research for you and found the most sought-after gynecologists and OBGYN specialists in Singapore so you can find the right doctor for you.

It’s an intimate and, often, challenging experience for women to be supported in this way, so it is essential that you feel comfortable and trusting in your doctor. The following experts have their own accolades in gynecology, studying overseas, heading medical centers and clinics, and even trailblazing medical procedures (like bringing water births to Singapore hospitals). Read on to find the right specialist for you.

Plus – if you have a family or are planning to have one, check out our other family health articles for Singapore residents and visitors, so you have an insider’s peek into the healthcare options and providers to know about.

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    Find These 4 OBGYN’s In Multiple Hospitals & Clinics In The Mount Elizabeth Area

    Mount Elizabeth Hospital is a renowned healthcare institution in Singapore that is dedicated to providing exceptional medical services, including specialized care in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G). Their team of skilled Obstetricians and Gynaecologists caters to the diverse healthcare needs of women at every stage of their lives, offering a comprehensive range of services. From reproductive health to pregnancy care, antenatal services to menopause management, and promoting healthy aging to cancer prevention, the O&G specialists at Mount Elizabeth Hospital prioritize the well-being and health of women. With their expertise and commitment to providing personalized care, they ensure that women receive the highest standard of healthcare throughout their life journey.

    Mount Elizabeth Gynaecologists,

    Recommended Gynecologists And OBGYN Specialists At Mount Elizabeth Hospital

    • Dr. Choo Wan Ling - As a big advocate for natural birth practices, Dr. Choo takes her work to Mount Elizabeth Orchard, Gleneagles, and Mount Alvernia hospitals in Singapore. Her main practice is currently out of the Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre. She works closely with women’s health issues like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, infections, fertility issues, and more. Dr. Choo Wan Ling is also a good choice if you need support with menopausal care and female sexual health dysfunction.
      • Dr. Choo Wan Ling, #10-30 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, 38 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore, +65 6262 3060,
    • Dr. Chee Jing Jye - Working out of the Mount Elizabeth Orchard Hospital in Singapore, Dr. Chee Jing Jye is an experienced OBGYN who has over 15 years of practice with her patients. She was the consultant and the Head of the Peripartum Unit and Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital before joining a private practice over a decade ago.
      • Dr. Chee Jing Jye, #12-02 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore, +65 6732 9882,
    • Dr. Kelly Loi - As a specialist in women’s health and infertility issues, Dr. Kelly Loi is a good choice if you’re looking for IVF treatment support, surgery, or other fertility treatments. She is also well-versed in antenatal and obstetrics care. Dr. Kelly Loi has trained in the U.S. and the U.K. and took her work back to Singapore to treat residents and ex-pats alike. She is the Medical Director of the Month Elizabeth Hospital Fertility Center. If you’re looking to conceive, she is definitely a top women's doctor in Singapore.
      • Dr. Kelly Loi, Health & Fertility Centre for Women, #15-16 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore,+65 6235 5066,
    • Dr. Anne Hagarty - At the Paragon Medical Center in the Mount Elizabeth healthcare hotspot, you’ll find Dr. Anne Hagarty. She’s one of the few Western female Gynaecologists that you’ll find in Singapore. She has over 40 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology and studied in Canada and the U.K. Now, she treats patients out of her clinic, supporting women with infertility, pregnancy, and gynecology surgeries.
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    THOMSON MEDICAL CENTER: Gynecologists And OBGYN Specialists In Singapore

    4 Gynecologists And OBGYN Specialists At The Thomson Medical Center

    Thomson Medical Center is a renowned healthcare institution in Singapore that is committed to providing exceptional medical services, particularly in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology (O&G). With a team of highly skilled and experienced Gynecologists and OB/GYN specialists, Thomson Medical Center offers comprehensive care to women in Singapore. The Gynecologists and OB/GYN specialists at Thomson Medical Center are dedicated to addressing the unique healthcare needs of women. They provide a wide spectrum of services, including reproductive health management, pregnancy care, antenatal services, menopause management, and preventive care for various gynecological conditions.

    Thomson Medical Centre Singapore, 339 Thomson Road, Singapore, +65 6253 6174,

    Recommended Gynecologists And OBGYN Specialists At Thomson Medical Centre Singapore

    • Dr. TC Chang - Dr. TC Chang is admitted to delivery at six different private hospitals across Singapore and works in the Singapore Women’s & Children’s Medical Group, as well as practicing in Thomson Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Novena. He is a specialist in ultrasound assessments for expecting mothers and high-risk pregnancy support. Since Dr. TC Chang works from so many locations, he is a favorite option for women who want expert support along with the convenience of not traveling so far to find him.
      • Dr. TC Chang, Thomson Medical Centre, Ground Floor, 339 Thomson Road, Singapore, +65 6253 6174,
    • Dr. Adrian Woodworth - With over 20 years of experience in gynecology and obstetrics, Dr. Adrian Woodworth is part of the Ministry of Health in Singapore, as well as a member of different college boards across Australia and the United Kingdom. His individualized care respects each woman’s unique health journey, lifestyle, and preferences to treat her health condition compassionately. Whether you’re looking for a general health assessment or fertility or pregnancy support, Dr. Adrian Woodworth can help. Dr. Adrian Woodworth also works from multiple other locations across Singapore.
    • Dr. Freda Khoo - Dr. Freda Khoo draws from her professional training, along with being a mother herself. She is passionate about providing women with quality healthcare, especially during their pregnancy, after birth, and milestones like puberty and menopause. Dr. Freda Khoo has her own personal clinic at Thomson Medical Centre and also has the right to work from hospitals such as Mount Alvernia, Mount Elizabeth, Gleneagles, and more.
      • Dr. Freda Khoo, Freda Khoo Clinic, #06-05B Thomson Medical Centre, 339 Thomson Road, Millennial Wing Lift Lobby C, Singapore, +65 6259 6964,
    • Dr. Jasmine Mohd - With admitting rights to Gleneagles, Mount Elizabeth, and Mount Alvernia Hospitals, Dr. Jasmine Mohd is another OBGYN specialist that can be accessed conveniently by women looking for support with their health. She works a lot out of the Thomson Medical Center and is a strong supporter of natural birthing and breastfeeding. Something a little unique about her service is that she is certified in hypnotherapy techniques and provides a holistic plan for women’s well-being.
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    NUH MEDICCAL CENTRE: Gynecologists And OBGYN Specialists In Singapore

    4 Experts In Women’s Health Work Out Of The NUH Medical Centre

    NUH Medical Centre in Singapore is a highly regarded healthcare facility that houses a team of recommended Gynecologists and OB/GYN specialists. With their expertise and dedication, these specialists provide exceptional care to women seeking a wide range of services. From routine gynaecological check-ups to complex obstetric care, the Gynecologists and OB/GYN specialists at NUH Medical Centre cater to the diverse healthcare needs of women. With a patient-centric approach, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to excellence, NUH Medical Centre is a trusted choice for women seeking top-notch O&G services in Singapore.

    NUH Medical Centre, 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore, +65 6772 2002,,

    Recommended Gynecologists And OBGYN Specialists At NUH Medical Centre Singapore

    • Professor Arijit Biswas - This women’s health doctor is known for expert work in high-risk pregnancies in Singapore (including mothers expecting twins). He is the Clinical Director of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division of NUH. It’s easy to find reviews online for Professor Arijit Biswas’ work, and you’ll get a sense of his expertise and character when you book a consult with him. For women experiencing more unique medical conditions related to gynaecology, Professor Arijit Biswas is a good doctor to consider.
      • Professor Arijit Biswas, NUH Medical Centre, Level 3 (Kent Ridge Wing), 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore,+65 6772 2002,,
    • Dr Mahesh Choolani - As the head of the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department at the Women’s Centre of NUH, Dr Manesh Coolani is another top doctor to consider for high-risk pregnancies and natural birth planning. Patients love his calm energy and personalized advice, but that may mean that you have to wait to make an appointment (book ahead of time as soon as you know that you want a consult with this doctor).
      • Dr. Mahesh Choolani, NUH Medical Centre, Level 3 (Kent Ridge Wing), 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore, +65 6772 2002,,
    • Dr Vanaja Kalaichelvan - As a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine, Dr. Vanaja is another top gynaecologist in Singapore who is in high demand. She also has special training from her clinical fellowship in ultrasonography at St. George’s Hospital in London, U.K. She is co-heading the O&G Diabetic Clinic at NUH, as well as teaching at the Antenatal Diagnostic Centre. Dr. Vanaja’s extensive training and authority as a teacher build a lot of rapport with her potential patients.
      • Dr. Vanaja Kalaichelvan, NUH Medical Centre, Level 3 (Kent Ridge Wing), 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore, +65 6772 2002,,
    • Dr Chong Yap Seng - Dr Chong (also known as Professor Chong) is not only a practising women’s health expert in Singapore but also the Dean of the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. He is a strong advocate for natural births and is renowned for his work in introducing water births at NUH. For mothers and women who want to support their pregnancy journey in more natural ways, Dr. Chong Yap Sent should be your top choice. Make sure you set an appointment as soon as possible because this sought-after gynaecologist will have long wait times.
      • Dr. Chong Yap Seng, NUH Medical Centre, Level 3 (Kent Ridge Wing), 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore, +65 6772 2002,,
  4. Sog Health Singapore

    SINGAPORE 0 & G LTD (SOG HEALTH): Obstetrician & Gynaecologist In Singapore

    Established in 2011, SOG Health Pte. Ltd. ("SOG") is a reputable healthcare service provider specializing in comprehensive Obstetrics and Gynecology ("O&G") services for the modern family. With a strong presence in Singapore, SOG has built a solid reputation for delivering top-notch pre-pregnancy counseling, delivery, pregnancy care, and post-delivery services.  Services available include - Pre-Pregnancy Counseling, Obstetric Care, Gynecological Consultations, Menopause Management, Gynecological Surgeries, Colposcopy and Cervical Cancer Screening, Fertility Assessments and Treatment.  Their gynecologists work closely with fertility specialists to provide comprehensive care, including fertility investigations, assisted reproductive technologies, and fertility preservation.

    SOG Health Pte. Ltd, Multiple Locations,

    Recommended Gynecologists And OBGYN Specialists At SOGS Singapore

    • Obstetrician & Gynaecologist - Dr. Cindy Pang, Singapore O&G Ltd, Website

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Additional Top Gynaecologists And OBGYN Specialists And Clinics In Singapore

Gynaecologists And OBGYN Specialists

Other Notable Clinics And Centres for Gynaecology And OBGYN

  • GynaeMD Women's & Rejuvenation Clinic, #04-03A Camden Medical Centre,1 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore, +65 6733 8810,,
  • Raffles Medical Group (Multiple Locations), Raffles Hospital Location: Level 12, Raffles Hospital, 585 North Bridge Road, Singapore, +65 6311 1230,
  • Dr. Pamela Tan Medical Clinic, 339 Thomson Road #03-02 Singapore, +65 6254 2878,,
  • OBGYN Centre Singapore, #11-07 Paragon Medical Suites, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore, +65 6235 4188,,

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