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Best Christmas Presents And Gift Ideas For Domestic Helpers In Singapore

What To Give Your Helper In Singapore?

Gifts for helpers in Singapore

Make Christmas or the next birthday extra special this year by giving your helper a thoughtful gift. Our helpers are more than just maids, they are part of the family, key members of the household who keep everything in order! Give her something special she will treasure for a lifetime.  Here’s our guide to the best gift ideas for your helper in Singapore!

  • PRACTICAL GIFTS: Clothing, Gift Cards & More *Gifts For Helpers In Singapore

    When in doubt, everybody loves a thoughtful gift that they can use in everyday life. With most helpers having limited space for storage, we’ve tried to make these ideas sensible and practical.

    Clothes – T-shirts, shorts, cotton trousers and flip-flops are items they like to wear daily.

    Lotions and hand creams – Consider purchasing a good brand name, with all that cleaning they will need it!

    Cash or Gift Cards – H&M, Cotton On, Forever 21, let them choose something fun for themselves.

    Pop-up tent / portable blanket for Rest Day hangouts with friends - Keep them dry and comfortable on their day off.

  • PERSONAL GIFTS: Beauty Products, Jewelry & More *Gifts For Helpers In Singapore

    In an effort to save money, most helpers will deny themselves higher quality products or name brands, as a way of being frugal. Consider surprising your helper with something she probably wouldn’t have bought for herself.

    Beauty products – Her favorite brand of nail polish, shampoo, or makeup, make sure it’s beautifully wrapped.

    Jewelry – Watches or jewelry are good if they’ve done a good job and need spoiling, treat them to something more extravagant.

    Accessories – Handbags or a gift card for a nice pair of shoes! Who doesn’t love shoes.

    Electronics – An updated phone or an iPad to communicate with family, a TV in their room, a good fan to keep them cool at night.

  • EXPERIENTIAL GIFTS: Tickets To Amusement Parks Or Activities *Gifts For Helpers In Singapore

    One creative idea is to give your helper the gift of an experience. And, if you want your helper to enjoy herself even more, pay for a friend to join her too.

    Amusement Parks – A day at Sentosa is great fun, buy a ticket to one of the many parks.

    Clubhouse – Rent a badminton court, karaoke room, or function room for your helper and her friends.

    Outdoors – Pay for bus tickets and print directions, maps, and tips for your helper and her friends to go biking, walking, or camping.

  • WORKSHOPS/CLASSES: Cooking, Baking, Sewing & More *Gifts For Helpers In Singapore

    Most helpers love to learn so why not sign them up for some classes. Furthering your helper’s education has long-term benefits, providing new skills and confidence that can stay with your helper for a lifetime.

    Cooking & Baking – Many helpers love to cook, sign them up for cooking classes so they can learn new cuisines.

    Active – Swimming, exercise, sports lessons.

    Business – Learning skills for money managing and entrepreneurship for when she returns home.

    Practical – Sewing, driving, and language classes.

  • FLOWERS: Bouquets, Plants & More *Gifts For Helpers In Singapore

    There is no better feeling than being presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, especially when it’s unexpected. So, whether or not it’s your helper’s birthday, she looked after the kids on her day off or just because, flowers will put a smile on anyone’s face.

    Guide to the Best Flower Shops In Singapore,

  • PAMPERING GIFTS: Time Off, Wellness, & More *Gifts For Helpers In Singapore

    To many of us our helper is like a member of the family, so give it some real thought on how you want to spoil them.

    Time off – Give your helper an extra day off here and there. Many companies give employees their birthdays off so why not do the same.

    Fly family over – Being away for two years at a time can be hard, so why not fly over her mom, dad, brother, or sister for the weekend or the holidays while you’re traveling.

    Bonus during the holiday period – Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving – when things are a little hectic, give your helper an extra SG$50-SG$100. Many of them go above and beyond for you to make sure the holidays run smoothly.

    Pampering session – We all need a pamper occasionally, so why not schedule a massage, or a mani pedi with one of her girlfriends.

    Celebrate her birthday – Make her feel special, get her something she needs and be sure to bake her a cake. Why not take her out for dinner like a regular family would do.

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